How to Teach the Dog Tricks

Have fun teaching your dog some fun tricks and making them a real attraction for your visitors. All tricks can also be practiced indoors.

Exciting activities and tasks for the dog do not always have to take place outdoors. You can also teach your dog a lot at home. Here are three suggestions for fun tricks that you can easily teach your dog.

Circus ready home performance: the dice

Teach your dog how to use a dice. In the future, he can take on the role of throwing the dice during an afternoon of games. This makes for a fun change. All you need for practice is a foam rubber or toddler fabric cube. Make sure that the cube is big enough that the dog cannot swallow it.

Guided by your bring and out commands, your dog will now roll the dice for you. Don’t forget to give plenty of praise afterwards. If you only ever give your dog the cube for this purpose, your four-legged assistant will soon understand what his job is. You can then gradually replace the “bring” and “off” commands with a simple “roll”.

Floor roll easily learned

The roller on the floor is also fun for dog and owner. Basic requirements are the mastery of “place” and “stay”. The dog first goes “down”, then carefully lay it on its side and fix this position with a “stay”.

If that works, grab your dog’s paws and gently turn your dog over his back to the other side. Use the “Roll” or “Turn” command from the start. A calm trainer and a lot of praise are already half the battle with this exercise. Once your dog has understood what is at stake, the aids are gradually reduced. At the end, the command “roll” is enough to encourage the dog to show up.

Dog brings handkerchief

To teach your dog to bring you a handkerchief, you should do the following: wrap a treat in a cloth handkerchief and let him sniff it. In front of the dog, tuck it loosely into your pants pocket; a corner should stick out.

Encourage the dog to get the treat and encourage it with lots of praise when it tugs on the tissue. When he finally got it out of his pocket, the treat falls out as a reward. Always support this process with the “Hatschi” command.

Once your dog connects the command correctly, reduce the wrapped treats until they are eliminated altogether. The praise is of course! Your dog will become a real attraction if he hands you a handkerchief while pretending to “Hatschi”.

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