In This Way, the Puppy Quickly Becomes Housebroken

You should start house training your dog as early as possible. You can find out how to do this quickly and safely here.

A puppy has moved in with you and the happiness is almost perfect: now the little one just has to learn how to be housebroken. Dogs should learn this in the most important imprinting phase, which takes place between the 8th and 20th week of life. Starting as early as possible is important. Housebreaking is one of the things a puppy really needs to be able to do. Read here how you can do this quickly and without stress.

How to housetrain your puppy

Important: Dogs are inherently clean animals. This means that they naturally avoid soiling their owner’s sleeping area or lap, for example. The problem is that puppies have immature digestive systems. That’s why they still come loose very often and something often goes wrong.

With these steps, you can get your dog housebroken quickly and without stress:

Take your dog outside whenever you realize he needs to go outside.
Choose an area outside for your pup that will become his “regular place” for business.
If he gets loose, reward the dog generously.
Don’t let mishaps discourage you and create a routine for the dog.
You’ll need to be mindful of the timing, keep an eye on your pup, and find the right spot for the business. Also, never forget to praise your pup.

The right timing

In order to housetrain your puppy, you need to watch him closely. The goal is to get him outside before he relieves himself. And in order for you to succeed, you should pay attention to certain behaviors. Before relieving itself, a puppy will often show these signs:

  • He sniffs around.
  • He whines.
  • He spins around nervously.

If your dog exhibits this behavior, you should take him outside. There are also “dangerous” times when the puppy should be taken outside as a precaution, as it will no doubt soon be urinating. These times are

  • after eating or drinking
  • after waking up
  • after the puppy has played and romped wildly

Note: Young dogs still urinate very often. So you better go out with your puppy more often.

Keep an eye on your pup

You should limit his range of movement so that you can always keep an eye on your puppy and react quickly to the typical signs. Of course, he should still be allowed to frolic and romp around. However, you should not let him explore the house or apartment unsupervised. So close the doors to the room you want the puppy to be in with you.

Choose the right place

Only if you create a routine for your puppy will you also get him housebroken. The best way to do this is to choose a fixed place outside for the puppy to relieve itself. This will be his “regular place” where you take him whenever he needs to go.

This area should be quiet with as few distractions as possible. Most dogs prefer to relieve themselves in a meadow. Walk him back and forth in a relaxed manner until he finally does his business. You shouldn’t talk to him during this time. The praise comes afterward.

Caution: Remember to properly dispose of even small dog poo.

Be housebroken with praise

A lot of praise is the safest and quickest way to housebreak your dog. Once he’s done his business, you should pet him, coax him, or give him a treat.

Surely there will still be a mishap in the house from time to time. But then don’t scold your puppy. He won’t understand what he did wrong. Just carry it outside calmly, hoping it will loosen up again outside. If he does, praise him profusely again.

You can also try introducing a word that signals your dog to relieve himself. A so-called “solution word” can be very practical in the future if things have to go a little faster.

How often does a puppy have to go out?

Train your dog on a regular rhythm so that it becomes housebroken. How often a dog urinates depends on its age. You can use these guidelines as a guide.

  • Puppy under three months: about every two hours
  • Puppy between the third and fourth month: about every three hours
  • Puppy from five months: about every four hours
  • Housebreaking puppies at night

Since puppies have to urinate very often, the question naturally arises as to how the dog stays housebroken at night. It is advisable to create a routine. Always take your puppy outside at a set time before bed.

After that, take your dog to his camp for the night. A large, high box that you place next to your bed is suitable for the first time. Put the dog basket inside. The aim is that your pup cannot go outside, as he instinctively does not want to soil his bed.

He will make himself known by whimpering or scratching if he has urgent business to attend to. Then quickly walk him out the door again. In order to be as quick as possible, you should have everything you need ready (shoes, jacket, etc.). Don’t forget the praise once it has come loose.

Don’t leave your pup alone in a dark room. This scares him and he will empty his bladder unnoticed.

How long does it take to housetrain a dog?

When a puppy is housebroken depends on its character. So there’s no telling how quickly your dog will be housebroken. However, it often takes four to six months for a puppy to be completely housebroken. Up to the age of one year something can still go wrong from time to time.

It is important that you give your dog the time it needs to become housebroken. Watch your dog carefully and be patient, he will be housebroken stress-free.

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