Essential Food (1/10)

Personally, we are not at all surprised that these British-made products were among the leaders in the review of the best holistic dog food for dogs. The fact is that here the noble and rare meat - lamb and venison - acts as a source of protein, and many varieties of such feed include dehydrated lamb, whole eggs, and a small amount of dehydrated boneless chicken. There are practically no plant proteins here - almost all protein of animal origin. The composition of amino acids in it is quite large, and the feed itself is made at a temperature of about 90 degrees, which allows it to retain the maximum amount of useful compounds. There are no cereals in the composition, instead of them, legumes are added - sweet potatoes, peas, there is a small proportion of potatoes, which is also a source of fiber. Flaxseed oil in its beneficial qualities is much richer than ordinary vegetable oil: it contains a lot of unsaturated fatty acids and fiber.

This feed contains many trace elements, minerals, and vitamins. All of them are useful for the general condition of the animal's body: they improve digestion, restore joints, cartilage tissue, which is very important for animals of large breeds. There is also seaweed in the diet, where there is a significant dose of iodine, they also have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial qualities.

Complies with the BOF principle, which optimizes the pet's blood sugar level. This contributes to the good functioning of the whole body, improving the quality of health and longevity. 90 percent of the ingredients in this feed are grown, harvested, or sourced in Scotland, Wales, or England.

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