Top 10 Best Holistic Food, How to Choose a Holistic Food

Diet plays an important role in the life of a domestic dog. Each pet owner strives to ensure that his pet has everything it needs for full life and activity. In many ways, the activity, mood, and health of the pet depend on nutrition. Today on the market you can find a wide variety of feeds – dry, canned, containing an increased amount of vitamins, and so on. However, even in such a variety, veterinarians cannot finally decide which one is the best.

The fact is that such feeds contain absolutely all the ingredients necessary for an animal, and only products of natural origin, and of the highest quality, act as their sources. In general, conditionally speaking, all dry food for dogs can be divided into several key groups:

  • Holistic;
  • Super-premium class;
  • Premium type;
  • Economical food.

How to choose the right holistic dog food?

If we talk specifically about holistic feeds, then, in general, such nutrition can be characterized as follows: fresh or dehydrated (in simple terms, dried) meat of poultry, animals, or fish acts as a source of protein. The gluten found in corn or wheat is not used at all. Often there is a protein of potatoes or peas, but the percentage of its content is minimal.

Peas, lentils, or potatoes are used as a source of hydrocarbons, oatmeal or rice is often added, but wheat and corn are almost never used. The preservatives and antioxidants in such feeds are exclusive of natural origin – in most cases, it is a mixture of tocopherols (usually vitamin E) and rosemary. The animal's need for fiber is replenished by adding dried vegetables, fruits, berries – Carrots, apples, sugar beet cake to the dog's food.

I would also like to note that the list of nutrients contained in holistic food for dogs and cats includes all sorts of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and a whole range of other useful substances. Usually, in such food, there are much more of them than in premium food, and the difference compared to economy class dog food is absolutely colossal. Often, companies engaged in the production of pet food, not only for dogs but also for cats, add the word holistic to their brand name. For this reason, consumers are beginning to perceive this pet food as the highest quality. Unfortunately, such food does not always belong to this class – at best, it belongs to the premium class, but often they are even worse in quality.

Holistic food originally belongs to the highest class of pet food. In general, today you can find a fairly large number of high-quality feeds that will provide adequate nutrition to the animal, allow it to remain cheerful and vigorous throughout its life. Here is our ranking of the best holistic dog foods of 2020:

  1. Personally, we are not at all surprised that these British-made products were among the leaders in the review of the best holistic dog food for dogs. The fact is that here the noble and rare meat - lamb and venison - acts as a source of protein, and many varieties of such feed include dehydrated lamb, whole eggs, and a small amount of dehydrated boneless chicken. There are practically no plant proteins here - almost all protein of animal origin. The composition of amino acids in it is quite large, and the feed itself is made at a temperature of about 90 degrees, which allows it to retain the maximum amount of useful compounds. There are no cereals in the composition, instead of them, legumes are added - sweet potatoes, peas, there is a small proportion of potatoes, which is also a source of fiber. Flaxseed oil in its beneficial qualities is much richer than ordinary vegetable oil: it contains a lot of unsaturated fatty acids and fiber.

    This feed contains many trace elements, minerals, and vitamins. All of them are useful for the general condition of the animal's body: they improve digestion, restore joints, cartilage tissue, which is very important for animals of large breeds. There is also seaweed in the diet, where there is a significant dose of iodine, they also have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial qualities.

    Complies with the BOF principle, which optimizes the pet's blood sugar level. This contributes to the good functioning of the whole body, improving the quality of health and longevity. 90 percent of the ingredients in this feed are grown, harvested, or sourced in Scotland, Wales, or England.

  2. This is the only Czech-made product in our review. This food is based on meat flour made from duck, turkey, and pheasant meat. All of these foods are a source of quality animal protein. The feed also contains a small amount of pea protein, but very little of it - 2% of the total food mass. Dried poultry meat does not contain bones and cartilage, only loins. The grain is completely absent, instead, as already mentioned, peas are used, as well as pea starch, which also acts as a thickener, and also helps feed pellets to maintain their shape.

    Dried summer apple cake serves as a source of fiber. Hydrolyzed protein is a natural flavoring and aroma additive. There are a number of artificially synthesized substances - chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine sulfate. They are very useful for joints, restore cartilage tissue, and improve digestion. There is also yucca - a substance that reduces the smell of animal excrement, as well as calendula extract with its bactericidal and anti-inflammatory qualities. A very original decision on the part of the manufacturer was to add crushed dried cranberries, which contain a very large amount of antioxidants.

  3. Benefits:

    • The ingredients of the feed are completely natural;
    • Flavors, colorants, flavor enhancers are not provided here;
    • Natural preservatives;
    • The formula of the feed is as close as possible to the natural diet;
    • Quite often on sale.


    • The particles of food are quite small - they often slip between the teeth of the dog, which is why the process of eating is delayed.

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