Old Chipmunks

At six to seven years, chipmunks have a relatively high life expectancy for rodents. Nevertheless, it makes sense to deal with the death of the animal at an early stage.

Whether a chipmunk reaches its maximum age depends primarily on the housing conditions. Poor nutrition, constant stress, or even cigarette smoke inevitably lead to a reduction in lifespan. Nevertheless, even with chipmunks, life is finite. It is therefore advisable to deal with the death of a loved one at an early stage. This is especially true if you have children. With these, you should address the impending death of an old or sick squirrel to make it easier for them to say goodbye.

The hardest decision

It is also an important duty of a conscientious pet owner to take away the suffering of his pet when treatment is no longer possible. It is irresponsible to let an animal suffer just because you don’t want to part with it for selfish reasons. This is certainly one of the most difficult decisions in the life of a pet owner, but it is part of the responsibility that one assumes when caring for an animal.

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