Pain in the Dog – Quick Help

Dogs like to hide their pain and don’t let it show. Only attentive masters and mistresses know immediately when their darling is unwell. Regardless of the pain, quick help is needed. Health problems can often be identified early and treated immediately. Some home remedies help and are suitable for the emergency pharmacy.

Identify and Classify Pain

At first glance, animals appear to suffer less from pain or have lesser sensitivity to it. That’s not true: they just don’t show the pain easily. In nature, that would mean weakness and makes them easy prey. Dogs sometimes suffer even more from the pain than humans because they find it difficult to classify the feeling and often feel helpless. Exact observations help to better assess the position of the animal. A noticeable limp or avoidance of touch are clear signs of pain and require a veterinary evaluation. However, the dog often has to be observed carefully in order to unmask the pain at all. There are small abnormalities in behavior that give him away.

Abdominal pain in particular cannot be clearly assigned. The dogs are generally restless. Licking their mouths more often or drooling more often. If the animal stretches several times, it tries to prevent cramps. Abdominal pain can be recognized at the latest by diarrhea or loss of appetite. With a headache, dogs will retreat to a dark and cool room, their eyes will water, and they will often scratch their heads. In addition, vomiting can be accompanied by a severe headache, similar to that in humans. Other important signs of pain in dogs are:

  • food refusal
  • Bowel movements are avoided
  • rapid breathing
  • restricted movement
  • tense posture
  • complete retreat

The symptoms are strongly related to the type of pain and one’s own character. Some dogs also react aggressively, others lie apathetically on the ground. Whining or crying can only rarely be heard from the animal. At most, a short moan comes over the lips of the dogs.

Fast Home Remedies for Pain

At the first suspicion of pain, the veterinarian should be consulted. He finds out exactly from which region the sensation originates and which therapy is necessary. X-rays, blood tests, and ultrasounds often provide clarity. Until then, the pain can be relieved with a few home remedies. After all, appointments with the vet are in high demand and only acute patients get their turn quickly. Some home remedies relieve the pain or help with chronic illnesses.

CBD oil has a holistic effect on dogs, calms them down, and relieves fear. This also applies to the upcoming visit to the vet. It also inhibits inflammation, reduces stress, and strengthens the immune system. The drops are easy to administer and are suitable for various pre-existing conditions, such as cancer, epilepsy, or joint diseases. The guide from Tierheimlinks explains in more detail how CBD helps against pain in dogs and what dosage to follow. This ultimately depends on the bodyweight of the dog. The guide also provides information about side effects.

Chamomile tea helps with an upset stomach or muscle cramps in this area. It relieves the inflammation of the intestinal mucosa and can be conveniently administered via the feed or the water bowl. But not all dogs jump on chamomile tea and are skeptical about new liquids.

Quark wraps are a well-known home remedy for inflammation and pain. They help with arthrosis, after operations, sprains, or problems with the joints. The cold in the quark reduces the conductivity of the nerve fibers and relieves the pain. In addition, the vessels contract, and the blood flow is slowed down. This causes the affected region to swell. However, the wraps are not recommended for open wounds or problems with the bladder and kidneys.

This is How Dogs Feel Safe When They are in Pain

During recovery, dogs should be able to enjoy a quiet space. You need to feel comfortable, secure, and safe. This works best with your own dog bed or a familiar blanket. The place should not be in a transit area but in a quiet place. However, dogs like to watch their family from this spot and still feel part of the company.

Any fear and stress should also be avoided. This also applies to swallowing medication. Pet owners should proceed carefully here so as not to put pressure on their dogs. In addition, the calm of humans is also reflected in the dog. The calmer the master, the calmer the dog. It is important to combat the pain carefully so that it does not become a problem itself or even become chronic. Many types of pain can be relieved with heat or cold. Consultation with the vet will help here.

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