Snake Bite in The Dog

Dogs are more likely to be bitten by a snake during the holiday season when the areas are visited more often and the warm weather draws animals out.

Who falls ill?

Poisonous snakes such as the adder sometimes already occur in the vicinity of urban recreational areas. However, bites are very rare as the snakes usually flee.

How do you recognize it?

After a bite, there are two small slit-shaped bite wounds, which are difficult to detect. After a short time, the tissue around the bite swells considerably. General symptoms such as respiratory paralysis, vomiting, or circulatory shock can occur later.

What should I do?

Immediate transport to the vet is the top priority. As the owner, you can only immobilize the dog’s leg if the bite is located there. Make note of the snake’s appearance. If a poisonous snake has actually bitten, the dog should be under veterinary supervision for the next 24 hours. Antisera and liquid infusions can be used as treatment.

How to prevent it?

Don’t let the dog run free in vulnerable areas. Keep your eyes open: snakes like to sunbathe on rocks or along the side of the path.

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