Terrishund: Dachshund & Terrier

There are a large number of crossbreeds in the world, but a cross between Dachshund and Terrier has its own characteristics.

A Terrishund is a mix between a Dachshund and any one of the breeds under the Terrier family. The key distinction is that the contributing Terrier must itself be purebred.

Some of the most popular Terrier varieties used in this mix include the Yorkshire Terriers, Jack Russell Terrier, Fox Terriers, and Cairn Terriers.

Puppies born from Dachshund and Terrier come in up to 8 babies. They have a beautiful face that has the characteristic features of Dachshund and Terrier. Terrishund has absorbed the best qualities of the breeds. The fragility of the Terrier is compensated by the endurance of the Dachshund, and the certain imposingness of the Dachshund is successfully offset by the activity of the Terrier. Let’s get to know this designer breed a little better!


The appearance and size of Terrishund mainly depend on the size of the Terrier with which they are blended. Larger ones have rather large puppies. However, this is not always a predictable result, and it is not uncommon for Terrishunds bred with a larger breed to produce a relatively small mixed dog. Sometimes the size of the Dachshund also plays a role in determining how big the resulting mix can be. Coat color and length, structure are also inherited from parent breeds. Every puppy born from such a cross is unique! And that makes them very interesting.

The exotic appearance of a mixed breed pet, which does not fit into breed standards, is often in no way inferior to the appearance of its purebred brothers. And it doesn’t matter at all whether your dog is a purebred or a mestizo – what matters is how much you like it.


The puppies that were born to the Terrier and Dachshund are rather hunters who have a friendly disposition. On the street, they have no equal. They hunt for anything that moves or wiggles, from birds to large dogs. Often, puppies of such a crossbreed dig holes, they wake up the character that got from Dachshund. Also, such dogs take the trail of any animal well, they subtly sense danger, while they warn the owner.

This adorable dog has no aggression towards people at all, so it can be an excellent company for the child in games. She will never let you get bored! Terrishunds are full of strength and energy, they are ideal for athletes and lovers of an active lifestyle. They can adapt to the rhythm of the owner, but he will certainly be grateful to you for long walks. For this dog, physical activity is very important, they make the dog calmer and more obedient. The loving and loyal Terrishunds are winning the love of people all over the world!


Terrishund is not considered to be hypoallergenic. Depending on the specific combination and predominant genes, Terrishund can moderate to severe shedding. However, with proper and regular care, you can control this.
For the most part, when it comes to coat texture, Terrishunds inherit the Terrier coat. They usually have a coarse coat with long and coarse fur. As a result, they will shed less, but they will also need more effort in terms of grooming to prevent tangling and maintain hygiene. Sometimes a mixed dog will look like a Dachshund and have a long or short but smooth coat. They tend to shed more and therefore require more maintenance to avoid turning your home into a trash can.

Water and bath procedures are carried out according to the degree of pollution. As a preventive measure, to remove street dust, it is enough to limit yourself to washing the paws and wet processing the wool. For bathing, it is best to purchase a special shampoo that provides gentle care for the animal’s hair. To care for the claws, you will need a nail clipper, and special cotton swabs will be needed to wipe ears and eyes.
Taking into account the fact that dogs of this breed spend a lot of time outdoors, caring for the animal should be part of the system, as well as a regular examination of the body, legs, and mouth.


These dogs are generally very healthy. But there are problems to look out for. They are usually short in stature with weak bones, which over time impairs their mobility. The biggest consequence, in this case, is uncontrolled weight gain, which ultimately leads to obesity. Obesity itself carries a range of consequences, from heart disease to diabetes. Therefore, it is very important to follow the correct diet prescribed by your veterinarian. This is especially true for dogs that have inherited the long body of the Dachshund. The tension on their back increases if they become obese, making them susceptible to disc disease when they lose sensitivity in certain parts of their body.

Life Span

On average, Terrishund will live up to 15 years. For comparison, Dachshunds live from 12 to 16 years, and Terriers live from 10 to 15 years. Proper care, nutrition, and care of your dog is the key to its long and happy life!


Terrishund is immensely devoted to the owner and adores all family members. This is, first of all, a reliable friend and comrade who will never offend or let you down. With proper care, such a dog will be your faithful companion until the age of 16, and maybe even longer.
The Dachshund’s hunting instincts dominate this pet, but they are rather peaceful hunters, one might even say researchers. If you start training your dog from an early age, you will see how quickly the dog learns. The pricing policy for this designer breed is very economical.  Yes, such a dog is not taken to an exhibition, but you need a real friend, right?

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