The Old Degu

Degus live significantly longer than many other rodents. Nevertheless, one day the time came for them to say goodbye.

Degus have an average life expectancy of four to six years, in some cases, the animals also get significantly older. During this time, the owner is responsible for their well-being. Only with optimal nutrition and good care can they reach their maximum age. So it is also up to you how long you can enjoy your degus. As with all living creatures, however, the life of a degu is limited. For this reason, you should deal with death in a timely manner. Especially if you have children, you should address the impending death of old or sick degus.

One of the duties of a conscientious animal owner is to relieve the animal of its suffering when necessary. This is certainly one of the most difficult chapters in animal husbandry, but one should not let an animal suffer unnecessarily just to delay the farewell.

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