Sources of Danger for Rabbits When Running Free

The apartment and the garden hold some dangers for your rabbits. It is therefore important to make the freewheel rabbit-proof. Here you can read about the dangers for rabbits when running free and how to make the free run safe.

In addition to the species-appropriate enclosure, rabbits need free range every day, both indoors and outdoors. In order for this to be possible without risk, you must make your apartment or garden rabbit-proof.

Chewing hazards

Rabbits are rodents and therefore enjoy nibbling on a wide variety of things – including wallpaper, carpets, and furniture. As a rule, there is no risk of injury for the animals. However, parts of the nibbled pieces are often eaten. For example, if the parts are made of plastic, this can lead to health problems such as stomach or intestinal problems. In addition, the animals may damage your furniture.

The same applies to power cables. The animals chew through both the sheathing and the wire and can receive a life-threatening electric shock. Therefore, set up the free-roaming room as cable-free as possible or lay the cables under the carpet in such a way that they remain inaccessible to the animals.

Ground and doors as hazards for rabbits when running free

The flooring can pose a risk of injury to rabbits if it is too slippery and the rabbits can slip on it when running fast. This applies in particular to tiles, parquet, and laminate. Older rabbits in particular often have problems with these floors. To make the floor non-slip, simply lay old bedsheets or patchwork rugs on it in some places.

Closet and room doors that are open are also not entirely harmless. When closing a room door, a rabbit can easily get trapped if it tries to slip through quickly. The animals like to climb into open cupboards and can then accidentally be locked in. Always check where your rabbits are before closing doors.

An even greater source of danger is balconies that are only secured with a coarse grid. If the gaps are large enough, the long-eared bats can squeeze through and fall off the balcony.

Poisonous plants as a danger to rabbits

Last but not least, plants also harbor health risks for your four-legged friends. Rabbits also nibble and eat parts of plants that are bad for them or even poisonous to them. It is better if the animals cannot reach indoor plants. You should also make sure that you do not plant any plants that are poisonous to rabbits when you go out in the garden.

Dangers for rabbits when roaming outside

If you keep your rabbits outside, they will also be allowed to roam outside every day. Here you should avoid the following dangers:

  • Protect your rabbits from the heat! They always need places in the shade.
  • Protect your rabbits from getting wet! They always need access to a dry place
  • Make sure the rabbits cannot escape from your garden (by digging or jumping)
  • While your rabbits are running free in the garden, you must always keep an eye on them!
  • Don’t leave her alone.
  • At night the rabbits should be housed in a safe enclosure.

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