Things Dogs Hate That People Do

People with these traits are very unpopular with dogs. You can find out what temperament traits these are here.

While there are traits that make the perfect dog owner, there are also those that are sure to make you very unpopular with dogs. The clever and social animals can’t stand many typical human traits. Find out here why this is actually the case.

Nervousness also makes nervous

You’ve probably experienced how your mood transfers to your dog. If you are happy and relaxed, so is he. If you are tense, your dog will also go into alarm mode.

In the same way, some dogs can be infected by nervousness. They are masters at reading our body language and recognize immediately when a person is nervous – and then often become restless as well. A study from Liverpool even proved that dogs are more likely to bite people who are anxious, nervous and restless. Dogs can’t stand this quality at all.

Hectic is exhausting

If the walk has to be done as quickly as possible because mistress or master still has something important to do, no dog enjoys it. In the eyes of some owners, their dog just dawdles around unnecessarily. But it’s not that easy.

Following a scent trail for a long time and carefully choosing the right place for business is very important for dogs. Perceiving the world with all your senses is part of being a dog. That’s why dogs don’t like hustle and bustle at all. Instead, you should try to step on the brakes and do the same as your dog: live in the here and now during the walk, it will certainly do you good.

Too much ambition means pressure

Ambition is in itself a positive quality. But it can also be too much of a good thing. Each dog takes a different amount of time to learn new tricks or fit into their human’s daily routine. Expecting too much from your dog too quickly puts pressure on him.

Dogs don’t like too much ambition. So don’t be disappointed if your dog doesn’t learn some things at all – not every dog can do everything. Instead, focus on his individual and breed-specific talents. A dog trainer can certainly help you get the best out of your dog.

Laziness is boring

Sleeping a lot, lying around lazily and dozing – our dogs can do that too. Rest periods are important. But no dog should have to spend the whole day in the house or apartment. They need fresh air, exercise and intellectual activity.

As a dog owner, you should feel like dealing with the dog. The right type of activity and how much exercise your dog needs depends on the breed and individual preferences. People who never want to go outside when it rains and prefer to lie on the couch all day should think twice about whether a dog is the right pet for them. Dogs can’t stand laziness in the long run.

Aggression breeds fear

People who get loud easily stress dogs out. Loud yelling doesn’t trigger anything in your dog other than fear. This can lead to constant stress, which can even make dogs sick.

Screaming and physical violence do not belong in modern dog training! If you don’t know any alternative, a professional dog trainer will be happy to help you. Nobody likes aggressiveness, not even dogs. While earning your dog’s respect requires staying consistent and confident, aggression can never be the solution.

Nobody is perfect

Of course everyone is nervous, hectic or lazy at times. It is only important that you do not bring these qualities into the human-dog relationship in the long term. You can put your dog under a lot of stress or under-challenge, which in turn is very unhealthy. A professional dog trainer or human-canine coach can help you find the right balance between being loving and being consistent.

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