This is How Dogs and Cats Survive New Year’s Eve

When people celebrate, pets suffer: many dogs and cats are afraid of the bang of the fireworks. We give tips to make the turn of the year more bearable for the animals.

Cats, dogs, and birds have more sensitive hearing than humans. They don’t find firecrackers funny at all, and the flashes of rockets and other fireworks can also make them panic. With a few measures, the stress for pets can be reduced:

  • Offer the animal a room that is as quiet as possible. Close the door and blackout the windows to minimize noise and flashes of light in the room.
  • Stay close to your pet and distract it with food or ball games as soon as it shows signs of anxiety. Respond before the animal panics.
  • You may pet the animal, but you should not comfort it or otherwise show excessive concern to avoid fueling its fear.
  • TV, radio, or stereo system can sometimes drown out unfamiliar noises.
  • Always keep anxious dogs on a leash in the days around the turn of the year, as the banging is not limited to New Year’s Eve.
  • Many pet owners report good experiences with Bach flowers or homeopathy. The vet can also prescribe stronger medication if necessary.
  • According to the animal protection organization Tasso, plugging the ears of the animal does not make sense. This only excites it more.
  • Especially keep cats indoors around New Year’s Eve and also make sure that your dog cannot escape. Frightened animals flee namely.

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