Vacation Planning With a Dog

Would you like to travel, but you absolutely don’t want to be without your dog? If so, then there are a few things to consider when planning.

Checklist before travel

The first consideration is when choosing your travel destination. Please make sure you consider the special needs of your dog before you travel. How well does your animal tolerate heat? What is the minimum amount of exercise required per day? Do size and weight allow you to think about air travel? A short checklist often helps to ensure that nothing important is overlooked. In addition, some websites and tour operators offer tips on which hotels allow dogs. An ideal inspiration aid and time saver.

The right food

In general, the simpler and often cheaper way of traveling is with your own car. This gives you the enormous advantage of bringing all the important utensils for your pet with you. Some hotels and guesthouses do offer food for the dogs, but can your pet tolerate it? It is better to plan some of the usual food so that your animal can feel comfortable despite the new and unfamiliar surroundings. Speaking of food: Please never forget to plan enough water for the journey. There is always a risk of traffic jams, especially during holiday periods. The temperature in the car increases, and there is nowhere in sight that there will be water at rest stops. Good planning helps here!

Dog-friendly accommodations

Just as for the arrival, you should coordinate some details with the planned accommodation in advance of the trip. Each hotel has its own peculiarities. For example, can your dog use all areas of the hotel, or are the pool areas, etc. forbidden? Is there a special dog section on the beach where you can let your pet run without a leash? Is the bathroom big enough to get your fur clean after a long walk? Is there a security deposit if your pet leaves scratches on the furniture? These can all be small details that turn a simple trip into a dream vacation. It is best to look for your holiday destination specifically for dog-friendly accommodation.

Vaccination protection

There is one last important point to consider on your holiday agenda: vaccinations! Each country has its own guidelines as to what is expected of the dog owner and their animal. Please contact your veterinarian in good time so that the vaccination protection can be refreshed if necessary. When traveling by air, it is also practical to carry the documents with you in English. Just ask, the practices will support you in any case. Information is also available in this sense – enjoy the anticipation and the trip with the whole family.

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