What Smells Do Dogs Hate?

As you know, dogs have a much better sense of smell than humans, so many of the smells that we find pleasant or neutral, our pets may not like.

Knowing which smells dogs don’t like can help you educate. For example, with the help of them, you can wean your pet from gnawing some objects or entering some rooms. So what are these smells?

Pepper. Dogs do not like this smell – it is too strong and harsh for them. But it is important not to overdo it because inhaling such an aroma, the dog can burn the mucous membrane.

Tobacco. If you do not want your pet to look into some places in the apartment, you can use tobacco from cigarettes there – the dog is unlikely to want to poke his nose there.

Citrus. Not only cats don’t like these smells, but dogs also are not happy with them either. It is enough to spread the citrus peel in those places where the pet should not be. Or moisten the items that the dog chews with citrus essential oils.

Volatile organic compounds. These are alcohol, household chemicals, gasoline, ammonia, solvents, paints and varnishes, acetic acid. That is why, by the way, dogs do not tolerate drunk people, from whom the smell of alcohol is too strong.

The smell of metal. It is unlikely that you can use it for educational purposes, but be aware that this scent does not like dogs. Therefore, you should not allocate space for your pet next to metal structures – this can unnerve the dog.

Of course, this list is far from complete. After all, each pet may have its own unpleasant aroma, which he disliked because of some personal associations. The smells listed above are usually not to the liking of the absolute majority of dogs, but perhaps your pet will be indifferent to some of them. Therefore, before using a smell for educational purposes, check if your pet really does not like it.

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