When The Bitch is Hot – or: When the Male Goes Crazy Because of it

It’s that time again: twice a year the males and the females go crazy. The reason: the girls are in heat and the males sense it. With an animal weighing 80 kilograms, for example, this is striking. You separate the animals or even only one living in your own household but in the neighborhood the counterpart howls.

Either way, things get lively at home: the males usually howl, it sounds like a very loud whale song. In addition, doors and walls are scratched in the hope of getting to the object of desire. Anyone who has had to go through that knows, that no matter how much you love your fur child, in this phase, your nerves are simply on edge. The bitches are in heat for about 3 weeks and this track is quickly sniffed out, so that not only is your home ruled by noise and chaos, but also the otherwise so relaxing walk around is no longer a walk in the park.

How is the Male Behaving Now?

When the neighbor’s bitch is in heat, males bark a lot and howl heart- and nerve-wracking. They are restless and very agile. Scratching on doors and walls is not uncommon.

How Do I Get This Behavior Under Control?

The owners of the bitches can administer chlorophyll tablets to their fur babies. These reduce the strong smell somewhat, which gives her peace of mind and also calms the males a little. In addition, the walks should be chosen differently, agreement would be good here so that you don’t bump into each other directly: areas that are little used by others make sense, but going out at night can also be advantageous.

Separating the animals so that both sexes live in the same household is absolutely necessary if offspring are not to be born soon. In addition, this gives the bitch some peace, which she would otherwise simply not have in front of the male.

In addition, there are two alternative solutions via the veterinarian: You either try a hormone injection, of which I have not yet seen any real results. Or you can opt for castration. If you don’t want to make your dog a parent anyway, you should definitely consider this option. The animal generally becomes much calmer, especially when the bitches are in heat.

What Happens if the Male Escapes?

If your male dog manages to slip away, you should definitely go on a search. Even if he comes back on his own at some point, it is important to ask the neighborhood if a dog was alone in the garden or if someone saw something. However, I have to emphasize the following: by neighborhood, I don’t just mean the surrounding people in the same settlement. And Russel broke free at least twice so quickly that he found happiness many kilometers away. Incidentally, this campaign resulted in an enchanting litter of offspring, all of which found a nice home. Ultimately, that is the consequence. Offspring. If this is unwanted, you should keep a close eye on your dog – regardless of whether it is a male or female.

What Should I Do if a Male Dog Has Had Fun with My Female Dog?

The bitch is in the heat for about 3 weeks. The last 10 days are decisive. At this stage, she is very likely to be fertile. First of all, you and the owner of the other dog should be clear about whether offspring are desired. A trip to the vet will then be necessary one way or another because check-ups should also take place during pregnancy, as is also usual with humans.

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