When the Dog Relieves Itself at Home

I have already summarized how to housetrain puppies in a separate article. However, some readers came to me with a more serious problem: the young dog or adult dog leaves its puddles and also more in their own home.

Adult Dog Pees in Own Apartment

With most dogs where this happens, the master or mistress only took the four-legged friend into adulthood. Now the uncertainty is very great, because: Why is the dog doing something like that? He’s already big enough and actually housebroken! Is my animal may be sick? Or is there a psychological problem here?

Unfortunately, the good souls who take adult dogs – sometimes even from abroad – often don’t know what happened to the previous owner, because unfortunately our dogs just can’t talk. Nevertheless, you too will find out why it is and what you can do about it. Because your alarm bells are rightly ringing here.

Possible Psychological Causes

  • Psychological causes in particular are probably a big headache for you as the owner. Is your dog simply rebellious and wants to act as the leader of the pack? Or is it the opposite – pure submission, coupled with possible fear? Or does your four-legged friend not dare to do his business outside because his self-confidence is very low and other dogs mark the paths so that he has no choice but to leave a puddle at home? You’ll notice that pretty quickly.
    The rebellious dog, who would like to be the boss, will pee cheekily in your apartment. It is marked where possible. So not a droplet is lost in the race – no, the little leg is lifted and the coffee table is poured like this. There is indeed a real ranking problem here: you are the boss, not your dog. And these roles should be clearly assigned. I definitely recommend going to a dog school. You can get this problem under control within a few individual lessons. This is definitely necessary because that’s not how it works. Rethink your mode of action: Is your posture self-confident? Are you generally consistent? And is your voice fixed?
  • The Anxious Pee: This dog submits to the last. If this dog is scared or stressed, an accident will happen. And even with enormous joy, a few drops can find their way. The consequence here is No effusive praise when you return, just a short hello and a game to distract you.
    physical causes
  • With elderly dogs, it just happens that a few droplets get lost. But you can clearly see that by the fact that no little leg is lifted here or anything similar – this mishap happens to your old dog accidentally and most of the time he doesn’t even notice it himself.

Incontinence can also occur after surgery or when medication is administered. Especially after sterilization and neutering, the dog can often not help it if there is a puddle of misfortune.

Like humans, older dogs can suffer from incontinence.


First of all, you should definitely have everything clarified physically. If the vet also certifies that your fur child is physically fit, you can assume a behavioral problem and work on it. A visit to the dog school can help you very quickly.

These trainers quickly recognize why the dog is doing something like this. But you should also already know for sure that your four-legged friend is theoretically really undisturbed outside during your walk and therefore also has the opportunity to defecate. If an animal is constantly being disturbed, for example by other dogs, it is no wonder that it has to back down and at some point, there is no stopping it at home.

How you don’t solve such a problem: By scolding. Do not pay any extra attention to this puddle, otherwise, your dog will think he is doing everything right when he is receiving so much and so loud attention for his “gift”. You can easily remove the urine stains with vinegar water. A dog toilet is a wrong measure here, as it does not permanently solve the cause and problem.

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