When The Dog Sleeps in Bed

Basically, it is everyone’s own business whether the dog belongs in the bedchamber or not. Some like the warmth that a dog brings to bed. The dogs often lie and are only allowed to lie at the foot of the bed. On the other hand, other paw friends even give their favorite their own pillow and even a cuddly toy. I’ve put together the pros and cons for you today.

Why The Dog is Often Allowed to Sleep with You

The most frequently mentioned argument as to why the four-legged friend is allowed in bed is: as a puppy, he was calmer and now it’s a habit. Of course, many dog owners also appreciate the heat that emanates from the approx. 38 – 38.5 degrees warm dog. And at least as often the dog is a substitute for the partner.

Personally Thinking

For many dog ​​owners, the dog belongs in the bed. You can find it good or have a different opinion. In the end, what happens in Germany’s bedrooms is ultimately a private matter. From a purely objective perspective, the disadvantages clearly outweigh the disadvantages. However, since dogs today enjoy very high status within the family, many dog ​​people are happy to accept the disadvantages.

From my point of view, it is important that hygiene does not suffer as a result. Our tips:

  • The dog should be brushed daily
  • The dog must be checked carefully for ticks
  • The bed should be freshly made once or twice a week
  • Light bed linen is recommended so that you can see a tick that has fallen off or dirt on it
  • the dog must be regularly “vet checked” ie. H. Have the feces checked for worms (just don’t give any wormers on suspicion – destroys the whole gastrointestinal flora!) and have the dog checked for other vermin (fleas, mites, etc.).

For me, two other important tips for a successful animal bed community are the following two requirements:

  • In addition to the human bed, the dog must have another comfortable and permanent place to sleep in the house. There he can withdraw if he needs his rest or if he doesn’t want an animal sleeping partner, e.g. due to illness.
  • It is advisable to only bring the dog to bed when the hierarchy has already been clarified. The dog still sees sleeping in a human bed as something special – and not a matter of course -, it is easier to put it in its place and it does not see a night in the dog basket as a punishment.
  • The partner must also give the green light
  • There are definitely relationships in which the partner tolerates the dog, but does not have the same relationship and feelings for the animal as you do. You have to accept that too. If your partner is strictly against the dog in bed, your own wishes should take a back seat in the context of respectful togetherness.

Revert to Alternatives

Calculated in a dog’s life, there are enough moments that you can instead use for cuddling, cuddling, and dozing together. A nap on the couch, a nap in the garden, or a short break in the dog room. If available.

Reeducation – Teach the Dog Not to Sleep in Bed

An opinion can change, a new partner can enter your life or the dog suddenly takes up 3/4 of the lying surface as a fully grown animal. There are many reasons to want to break the habit of sleeping in your dog’s bed. At the latest when your dog defends the bed from you, your partner, or the children, you should take matters into your own hands and bring about a change.

Depending on how long and since when your dog has been allowed to sleep in the bed, this can be tricky. As we know, dogs are stuffy creatures of habit.

You have the following options for weaning:

  • The bedroom will be locked if you are not in it yourself
  • Alternatively, you can cover it with crackling tarpaulin or otherwise make it unattractive
  • Put your dog in a dog basket or the beloved dog blanket next to the bed during the transitional period
  • You should start practicing the command “on the corner” or “on the square” now at the latest
  • When your dog is on the bed, consistently ask him to get off the bed
  • … Without goodbye kisses and cuddling. He should just get out of bed
  • Lie in bed with a book during the day. If the dog comes and tries to get in, you draw attention to yourself
  • Reward him with a treat when he “takes a seat” next to the bed
  • If your dog sneaks into bed at night and you wake up, be consistent at this time of the day and send him to his seat

You lay the foundation stone from the first day together with your dog. Also, punishments like “You can’t go to bed today” are absolutely pointless because the dog can’t make the connection.

If you’ve decided against the dog in bed, keep a clear line. Your dog will love you just as much as before. The emotional overcoming takes place in your head alone.

If you decide to have the dog in bed, one final tip: You don’t need to be afraid of crushing or suffocating your dog in bed. It is comparable to the nurse sleep in mothers. Mother Nature has built-in a good protection mechanism here.

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