Where Can I Get My Rabbits From?

There are many ways you can get hold of two or more rabbits. In any case, take some time with you and get good advice. Read here where you can buy rabbits and what you should pay attention to when you get rabbits.

The most common suppliers of rabbits are animal shelters or welfare organizations, pet stores, and breeders. The general rule is: If you get rabbits, then always at least two! Rabbits need fellow dogs, otherwise, they will get sick or develop behavioral problems.

Criteria for selecting the rabbit provider

No matter which provider you choose: It makes sense not to take the rabbits with you from the first provider that comes along. Because the rabbits should come from a good, species-appropriate attitude and from a reputable supplier. The following criteria should always be met:

  • The rabbits are housed in a large, clean enclosure.
  • All animals are healthy and look well cared for.
  • Hay, water and, if necessary, some fresh food are available to the rabbits.
  • The animals are separated by sex.
  • All rabbits are only released from the eighth to tenth week of life.
  • You will get all the necessary information about keeping rabbits.

If you have the impression that the rabbits are neglected or sick and not housed appropriately, you should refrain from buying them. With a pity purchase, you only support the poor housing conditions. If you are dealing with housing conditions that are associated with animal suffering, you should contact an animal welfare organization!

Rabbits from the shelter

Animal shelters or rabbit protection organizations are the best places to go for anyone interested in rabbits. On the one hand, you help animals that are in need to find a nice new home. On the other hand, you will usually get valuable tips about animal-friendly rabbit husbandry here.

If you already have a rabbit and are looking for a suitable partner animal, many rabbit protection organizations will also help you socialize your rabbits. Usually, you only get bucks castrated, so you don’t have to worry about castration anymore.

Animal protection organizations also have the advantage that they already know the character of rabbits and can tell you which animal suits you best. You will often find rabbits of various breeds and ages in animal shelters or animal welfare organizations, including young animals from unplanned breeding, for example.

Rabbits from the pet store

Pet shops have the advantage that you can buy all the accessories, food, and bedding directly here. Nevertheless, set up the new rabbit home completely before you buy it. Transport and moving to a new home are stressful for the rabbits anyway. Therefore, the move should be done as soon as possible.

Many pet stores offer young rabbits for sale. Before you buy, make sure that you get good advice and that the specialist staff can give you information about the sex and exact age of the animals. The rabbits should not be sold before the eighth to tenth week of life and should be healthy and well cared for. If these criteria are not met, you should refrain from making a purchase.

Rabbits from the breeder

If you prefer a special breed, such as dwarf dwarfs or dwarf rams, rabbit breeders are often the right contacts for you. A good breeder will inform you about the breed-specific characteristics of their rabbits and get the young animals used to people from an early age.
Even if you are looking for a specific breed of rabbit, it is often worth taking a look at the animal shelter as well. There are also often pedigree rabbits given away!

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