Which Sports Are Good for Me and My Dog?

You can find out here which dog sports there are and which of them are suitable for you and your dog.

If you want to offer your dog more than just walks and intelligence games, you should try one of the many different dog sports. Because there is the right sport for every human-dog team. Read here which type of sport is suitable for you and your dog.

The ideal sport for your dog

If you want to find the right one of the many dog sports, you should consider the following factors for your dog:

  • predisposition
  • individual needs
  • physical health

Each breed of dog was bred to do a specific job. While a Border Collie was supposed to look after sheep, a Giant Schnauzer originally had the task of guarding the house and yard. You should take this cultivated willingness to work into account when choosing the type of dog sport.

However, every dog has its own needs and preferences. Not every Lab has to love water just because it’s a breed-typical trait. You know best what your dog likes to do. If the dog is physically impaired or old, this also plays a role in choosing the right dog sport.

Important questions when choosing a dog sport

Before you decide on a specific dog sport, you should answer these questions. The search for the right sport can only begin once you have thought about it.

  • What breed is my dog and what are their dispositions?
  • How does my dog behave towards other dogs?
  • How does my dog behave in unfamiliar surroundings?
  • What are my dog’s physical abilities?
  • What is my dog’s personality?

Dog sports with brainwork

Dogs don’t just want to move, they also want to use their heads. These dog sports, for example, combine movement and mental work.


This dog sport requires skill. The dog must overcome a series of different obstacles in a course. The human shows him the way with words and body language. Agility lets you and your dog form a team.

Dog dance

Dogs and humans present a harmonious and elegant picture in Dog Dance like no other dog sport. Coordinated, they move to the music. Dog Dance helps to get to know your own dog better and to strengthen the relationship. You can also get creative here.


Obedience is less fast-paced. The human dictates which tricks the dog should perform. The dog must perform all exercises with joy, but also quickly and correctly. You can also feel the cooperation between dog and human in this dog sport.

Dog sports for everyday life

Some dog sports can also be integrated into everyday life. Movement is the key here. So be sure to keep your dog busy with intelligence exercises in other ways.

Jogging / Nordic walking

Take your dog with you when you exercise yourself. But make sure that you start out slowly when jogging with your dog. A jogging belt to which the leash is attached is recommended. If the dog runs free, it should be able to use the “toe” command.

Running on the bike

If you want the dog to walk next to the bike, you should choose the right path for him. It is advisable to attach the leash to a waist belt. So you are safe with this dog sport!

Horseback riding with a dog

The dog can also come along when riding. However, you should make sure that you can influence both the horse and the dog. The dog should be able to command the command “At my place”.

Dog sports for specific breeds

These sports are the specialties of certain dog breeds. In addition, they are not for beginners: If you decide to do one of these sports, you and your dog need precise instructions and a lot of practice.

Greyhound racing

A healthy greyhound can run very fast – and he wants to. The speedy animals can put their skills to the test in greyhound races or coursing. However, make sure that the dog enjoys running, is not being drilled, and only runs as much as it can and wants to. This is the only way this dog sport makes sense.

Sled dog sport

When it comes to sled dog sport, you should make sure that your dog or dogs meet the physical requirements. The right equipment is just as important in dog sledding as the owner’s ability to control the dogs correctly. It is important that the dogs really enjoy their task. Certain breeds, such as the husky, are particularly suitable for this type of dog sport.

Performance guards

In performance herding, herding dogs are allowed to show what they can do. In this dog sport, dogs and humans are judged on how well they can drive a flock of sheep together. Here, too, the right breed of dog must be chosen and the keeper must have the know-how.

The association as good advice

Once you have decided on a dog sport, you should choose the right training facility. Make sure that you and your dog feel comfortable there too.

Club membership is not necessary for every dog sport. However, you will usually receive good advice in the club and will receive help in introducing your dog to the respective sport. In addition, you are also in contact with other dog athletes.

Dog sport brings many advantages

Anyone who does sports together with their dog strengthens their trust and bond with them. In addition, not only does your dog have a task, but you are also encouraged in every dog sport.

You don’t have to be a top athlete to do this. Everyone can do dog sports as they can and want to. There are also no limits to age. It is important that, in addition to physical exercise, you always make sure to give your dog brain teasers. That’s the only way he’s fully utilized.

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