Family Dogs: These Dog Breeds are Good for Families

Not every breed of dog is good for living in a family with children. You can read here which dogs are the best as family dogs.

Growing up with a dog has many benefits for children. But before getting a family dog, you need to make sure you have enough time to keep the dog busy and trained. Because even the dearest and most adaptable dog in the world has some requirements. Parents must be aware that they are primarily responsible for the dog and its well-being, even if the children want a dog.

It is also important that the children learn the basics about dogs and how to keep them before the dog moves in. They also need to know how to behave properly around a dog.

What makes a good family dog?

A family dog should be friendly and good-natured. So that he is not stressed in everyday family life and when dealing with children, a calm, patient, balanced, and nerve-racking nature is important: A family dog should not be easily disturbed. Other good qualities for a family dog are cuddly and playful.

In general, it is important to emphasize that dog breeds can never be generalized. Of course, every dog breed has certain character traits that are assigned to it and that often apply. Nevertheless, the upbringing and conditioning of the dog also play an important role in the development of its character traits. This means that even dogs that are considered family dogs do not get along so well with children, for example.

Caution: Small children should generally not be left alone with dogs.

It is also important to emphasize that family dogs and beginner dogs are not the same. With some breeds that are considered family dogs, it is important to have an experienced canine adult in the family.

10 dog breeds that are good as family pets

These ten dog breeds are generally considered suitable family dogs:

Labradors and golden retrievers

Labradors and Golden Retrievers are very people-oriented and adaptable and want to please their humans. They are active, playful, and friendly and therefore not only suitable for novice dogs, but also for families. Labradors and Golden Retrievers are eager to learn and generally easy to train. However, they need sufficient exercise and mental activity.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a small, loving dog. He is considered to be particularly peaceful and balanced. The dog breed is also patient, affectionate, and cuddly. These characteristics make the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel a suitable family dog – even for beginners – who gets along very well with children.

In addition to daily walks, grooming is particularly important for the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, because the long fur of small dogs requires a lot of care. Unfortunately, this breed is prone to some hereditary diseases. Therefore, find out exactly where your dog comes from and pay particular attention to serious breeding.

Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog is one of the most family-friendly large dog breeds. He is considered friendly and peaceful. The good-natured dog is very fond of children, has strong nerves, and is patient. The Bernese Mountain Dog needs a family connection and a consistent, loving upbringing. Unfortunately, this breed of dog is prone to diseases such as hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia, or eye diseases (e.g. roll-lid). Cancer or torsion of the stomach is also relatively common in the Berner.


The Bobtail, also known as the Old English Sheepdog, is a herding dog, but can also be suitable for families. At first glance, the Bobtail may appear easygoing and lazy, but in fact, this breed of dog needs plenty of exercise and activity. The Bobtail is friendly, docile, even-tempered and fond of children. He likes to play and romp, but is not aggressive. If you can offer the bobtail a home with lots of space and plenty of time for its activities, you will receive a loyal and playful companion in return.


The collie is a willing, elegant and playful dog. He is very sociable, also with children, and is therefore well suited as a family dog. Since he is very active, the Collie needs a family that moves him a lot and likes to take long walks. You should always think about new tasks for the dog who loves to learn and also keep it mentally busy. A collie needs a lot of time and attention, existing dog experience is an advantage for him. It must be noted that Collies, as herding dogs, often have a pronounced protective instinct and want to defend their family.


The Newfoundland is a good-natured, happy, gentle, and patient breed of dog that gets along well with children. Newfoundlands are obedient, which makes training them relatively easy. However, it is important that a good upbringing is valued right from the start. The size of the Newfoundland should not be underestimated – also when dealing with children. It is also good if there are already people in the family who have experience with dogs. Newfoundlands need lots of space and exercise. Swimming is one of the favorite pastimes of these dogs.

Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise is a small, white dog that is characterized by its cheerful and open nature. He is uncomplicated and friendly and likes to be with you everywhere. The Bichon Frisé is suitable as a dog in various situations, including for beginners and families: the small dog is a great playmate for children. Of course, it is important that the children learn how to handle dogs properly. An advantage of this dog breed: the Bichon Frisé does not shed! However, its grooming is still relatively expensive.

English Cocker Spaniel

The English Cocker Spaniel is a happy, affectionate and playful dog that is also suitable as a family pet. The good-natured dog likes to be everywhere, but needs a lot of exercise and activity. You also need to pay special attention to grooming your fur. Training the English Cocker Spaniel is not that difficult as long as you are consistent from the start, as often the dogs are a bit exuberant and spirited. It is important to know that English Cocker Spaniels are hunting dogs. For dog beginners, they may not be the right choice.


The Dalmatian is considered a suitable family dog. The black and white dogs are friendly, playful, affectionate and adaptable – important qualities for a family pet. But Dalmatians not only need a lot of love and affection, they also need a lot of exercise. Therefore, this dog breed is only suitable for active families. However, Dalmatians are often very sensitive to stress. Especially when dealing with children, this characteristic should be considered. It’s important that everyone in the household knows how to be considerate of the dog without stressing it. Consistent and loving parenting is also very important. The Dalmatian is not suitable for people without dog experience.


The Elo was bred to be the perfect family pet. For this, Eurasier, Bobtail, and Chow Chow were crossed. Later, Dalmatians and Samoyeds were also crossed. The Elo is not a dog breed recognized by the FCI, but a protected “brand”.

The Elo is a well-balanced, adaptable, and good-natured dog that is suitable as a family dog according to its breeding intention. Nevertheless, an Elo needs consistent training and an owner with dog experience, because Elos often tend to be stubborn. Elos can be very different in their interests, but in any case, they must be kept sufficiently busy. Lots of exercises is also very important. Elos like long walks. The best way to find out which other playing and movement options your Elo likes is to try them out.

These ten dog breeds are considered – with the right training and occupation – as suitable family dogs. Of course, this list is only an example: There are many other dog breeds that are great as a family member.

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