Wolfsspitz: From a Loyal Watchdog to a Patient Family Dog

The Wolfsspitz is a very old dog breed from Germany. Loyal and affectionate, these animals are extremely alert and suspicious of strangers, which is why they used to be kept on farms as watchdogs and guard dogs. Due to their affectionate and friendly nature, they prove to be valuable companions, both for families and for single people. The dogs with the beautiful “wolf fur” are intelligent, curious, and sometimes quite spirited.

A dog with a history

The Wolfsspitz is one of the oldest dog breeds in Germany. Wolfsspitz is often mentioned in connection with Stone Age peat dogs, but this has not been scientifically proven. From the Middle Ages to the 19th century, Spitz was widespread in German-speaking countries and used as guard dogs on farms. The foundation of the first breeding association for Spitz took place in 1899, and it still represents the Wolfsspitz today. The dogs got their name from their silver-grey fur, which gives them a wolf-like appearance. Today, this breed is not so common, although intelligent animals are wonderful and loyal partners to their people.

Nature of the Wolfsspitz

The Wolfsspitz is an extremely affectionate animal that is especially happy when it can be with its human. For this reason, you should not leave him alone often and especially not for a long time. He always wants to actively participate in the life of the family or his people. The attentive and intelligent Spitz is docile and extremely people-oriented. He is extremely in need of love and will do anything to please his people. A well-socialized Spitz is also very patient and friendly towards children.

Training of the Wolfspitz

The Wolfsspitz needs a consistent and loving upbringing from puppyhood onwards. Since he wants to please his people, this is usually easy to do as long as the dog and owner build a trusting and loving bond right from the start. Due to its attachment, the four-legged friend likes to adapt to the living conditions of its people. As a pack animal, he always wants to be involved in all activities and is a real fight cuddler at the same time. A house or apartment with a terrace or garden is ideal for the former guard dog. He also wants to experience something and loves long walks in nature – in any weather. Well-trained, the intelligent dog will easily accompany you to restaurants or on vacation.


You should brush the thick fur of the wolf speaker regularly – daily during the molting period to avoid matting. Get your dog used to being brushed as a puppy, then he will really enjoy the treatment as loving attention.

Peculiarities of the Wolfsspitz

Due to its former role as a guard dog, the Wolfsspitz tends to strike quickly. If he’s bored and not busy, he may bark excessively. It is all the more important to keep the dog busy and not to leave it alone for long. Wolfsspitz can live up to 15 years with good care.

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