Whippet – Loveable Dog Breed Full of Contrasts

A fast, independent hunter on the outside and a true couch potato on the inside, the Whippet is a medium-sized, lean companion dog with unique characteristics. The long-legged greyhounds have a very reserved nature and are equipped with a strong hunting instinct. In the right hands, the sensitive dogs thrive and demonstrate their love for their people with playfulness and devotion.

As fast as the wind

The origins of the whippet go back to the Middle Ages. In the counties of the Midlands and Northern England, the small sighthound was mentioned in pictures and writings as early as the 16th century. His name “Whippet” means “quickly running little dog”. It was mainly used to hunt rabbits. The strong hunting instinct lives on in the legacy of these long-legged athletes and must be taken into account when keeping them. Nevertheless, the whippet is one of the most popular and common sighthound breeds in Europe today.

Nature of the Whippet

At home, the willowy greyhound with long legs is a real sleeping pill. When he’s allowed, he disappears between the pillows on the couch and spends most of his time asleep. He is quiet, somewhat cautious, and sensitive. When living together with small children, who sometimes play wildly, the whippet needs a peaceful retreat. Outdoors shows the passionate hunter shows outdoors his other face: Hardly off the leash, he stretches his legs – and is gone! Whippets were bred to hunt independently and are not afraid to venture out on their own. They hunt by sight, often spotting potential prey long before the owner. Controlling this hunting instinct is the most important point in dealing with the greyhound. Always remain calm and fair, otherwise, the sensitive Whippet quickly loses trust in people.

Training of the Whippet

Sensitivity as well as the right timing and understanding of the dog’s passion for hunting are important elements in the training of this dog breed. While Whippets bond very closely with your family and want to be loved, they are in training when. They tend to question commands and only implement them if the motivation is right. When socialized well, whippets generally do not show any aggression towards people or dogs. However, if the hunting instinct gets through, this restraint is lost. It is important to prevent a hunting success from the beginning. A well-secured yard is a must if the dog is allowed to roam free. Young whippets should be kept outside on a leash until they learn to be retrieved when the game is sighted. It is best to get a light but stable leash to secure your dog on walks in nature and still give him the feeling of freewheeling.

Caring for the Whippet

The elegant four-legged friends hardly have any smell of their own and have a very short, velvety soft coat that should be groomed with a soft brush. A check of the eyes, ears, teeth, and claws completes the care program. Whippets need a diet tailored to their exercise. Running is an important part of keeping a sighthound healthy. He can live up to 14 years.

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