10 Golden Rules for City Breaks with Dogs

Unless you live in a big city yourself, many things will seem new and surprising, whether you travel in winter or summer. So that you can really enjoy your trip to the city, including your four-legged friend, we have put together a few tips for you.

On a city tour with a dog? Whether you’re traveling in winter or summer, there are a few tips to keep in mind when visiting a big city with your four-legged friend.

Tip 1

A good basic education is a prerequisite for the city tour. Your dog should walk on the leash without pulling, be able to sit and sit down and come when called (important for the outdoor areas). And he shouldn’t jump or bark at strangers.

Tip 2

Of course, your dog should have some experience of the city before you explore a big city with him. He must not be afraid of many strangers, should know busy streets, and have already ridden the tram or subway. Since the density of dogs in big cities is particularly high, he should not be afraid of other dogs and behave politely towards them.

Tip 3

In many large cities, a muzzle is mandatory in addition to the leash, for example on public transport. Get your dog used to it beforehand. Otherwise, this is unnecessary stress for him and also spoils the joint travel pleasure.

Tip 4

Make sure your dog has all the required vaccinations and is chipped. This is now mandatory in many large cities. Don’t forget your European Pet Passport.

Tip 5

Register your dog with a pet center. If he escapes in a foreign city, he can be found more easily.

Tip 6

When booking your hotel, ask if dogs are allowed, where there are nearby walkies, and, if it’s important to you, if the dog is allowed in the restaurant.

Tip 7

Clarify in advance whether there is a leash and/or muzzle obligation, where there are dog exercise areas and whether dogs are allowed to travel on public transport.

Tip 8

Never leave your dog in the car during the warm season because you want to visit a museum or go shopping. Even if the car is in the shade, the temperature in the car can quickly rise to oven temperature and the dog can succumb to heatstroke.

Tip 9

If your dog has been strolling through the city with you on a leash and is finally allowed to jump around freely in a dog park, he naturally wants to get rid of excess energy first. Since many of the dogs on the open spaces already know each other and yours comes along as a stranger, this naturally harbors the potential for conflict. So be extra careful.

Tip 10

Unfortunately, it is not a matter of course for everyone to get rid of their dog’s “legacies”. In big cities, you will find dispensers with free waste bags (in Austria = Sackerl) everywhere. Please serve yourself! Not just because it can get expensive. In Hamburg, for example, it costs up to €150 if you get caught.

Extra tip at Christmas time

If you want to visit Advent markets in big cities before Christmas, you should consider that a visit to the Christmas market can mean stress for your four-legged friend. The hustle and bustle of the markets, the noise, and the crowds can frighten and stress the dog. If your dog is naturally anxious, you should not visit Christmas markets. If you and your dog have experience with events and gatherings of people, you should definitely avoid peak times.

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