10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in China

Pet ownership is growing at a rapid clip in China, and the country has shown an affinity for specific breeds of dogs. If you’re thinking of getting a furry new friend, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 most popular breeds available in the Middle Kingdom.

  1. 1 Husky

    The Siberian Husky is an amazing sled dog bred in the Far North. It is unlikely that you will find any other breed whose representatives would share so many hardships and difficulties with a person, and the history of saving the city of Nome from the diphtheria epidemic will forever remain in the grateful human memory. Husky is the living embodiment of a canine mind, quick wit, devotion, and love for humans.

  2. The Labrador is so widespread due to the surprisingly successful combination of external data and "working" qualities, which allow the breed to be not only companions in everyday life but also serve for the good of man. They regularly rank at the top of the “most loyal”, “most obedient”, “most industrious” dog ratings by professional breeders and ordinary owners.

  3. Golden Retrievers are smart hunters, impeccable family men, and reliable friends, responsive to affection and kindness to themselves. A properly brought up Golden will willingly fulfill any master's assignment and at the same time will not behave as if he had accomplished the greatest feat in the world. The only reward that the representatives of this breed expect for their own helpfulness is simple human attention, which for retrievers is much more valuable than the most refined delicacy.

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