10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in Egypt

Life without dogs is an un-lived life. The way we see it, one does not experience true love if one does not have a furry friend.

They are innocent, beautiful, and intelligent creatures that constantly teach us how to unconditionally love, and selflessly give – they teach us about tolerance, resilience, and the true meaning of what it is to understand without judgment.

Below you will see a list of dogs that are popular in Egypt:

  1. The German Shepherd is a large dog with a massive, muscular constitution, a voluminous chest, and a powerful long neck. The ears are erect, the muzzle is elongated, square. The limbs are of medium length, the tail is fluffy, saber-shaped. The coat is long.

  2. 2 Boxer

    German boxers appeared over two thousand years ago. Their ancestors are German Shepherds and English Bulldogs. Previously, dogs were used to hunt wild boars, deer, and bears. The breed, similar to the modern boxer, was bred in 1850, by crossing the above breeds, the first exhibition was held in 1895 in Munich. In the same year, the German Boxer Club was established here, and this year was considered the year of birth of the breed.

  3. The Labrador Retriever is a sturdily built, stocky, medium-sized dog with a robust, athletic, well-balanced physique that allows it to fulfill the duties of a game-bringing hunting dog. It is strong and hardy enough to hunt on land and in water and to be in difficult conditions for many hours.

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