10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in Malaysia

  1. 7 Husky

    Calm, reliable, friendly, Huskies are gentle and affectionate with everyone. They are great companions for people of all ages. Responsiveness, agility, and perky character are the innate qualities of a husky. These dogs always try to please the owner, but at the same time, they are rather stubborn and independent. Every husky is an individual that must be respected. Requires education and training from an early age.

  2. The Golden Retriever is one of the best candidates for a large family pet. It is an intelligent, calm, and energetic dog that loves to be the center of attention. By the way, retrievers are so sociable that they cannot be alone for a long time, so they cannot be left in an empty apartment.

  3. The German Shepherd is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. She is easy to train, so she is used as an official in the police and in the army. Shepherd dogs also feel good in families, they are friendly and get along well with children. Meanwhile, this breed is one of the youngest, German shepherds that appeared only a little over a hundred years ago.

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