10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in Pakistan

In Pakistan, people have a great love for pets, especially dogs. In some parts of Pakistan, they are the watchers of the house. Dogs play the role of the best companion of man in tough times. They represent the role of man’s best companion.

  1. Bully Kutta is an Indian breed of dog, one of the 4 strongest dogs on the planet, which is also common in Pakistan. These, one might say, are legendary animals that existed hundreds of years ago, moreover, it is believed that they are closest to the common (with many other breeds) ancestor - the ancient Molossian dog.

  2. The German Shepherd is easily recognizable both in appearance and in character. The breed has nerves of steel and a balanced temperament. The bronze and black wool of the wolf breed gave the pet a personality. The species appeared as a result of the crossing of an Indian wolf with a European dog in the second half of the 18th century. For the first time the breed was noticed in Germany, hence the name of the shepherd.

  3. Labradors have an impeccable character. They are incredibly intelligent, peaceful, cheerful, and agile dogs that will easily make even the most inveterate pessimist smile and bring an unrivaled atmosphere of warmth and comfort to the house. In some countries, the Labrador is even considered a symbol of a prosperous family. Many newlyweds have this amazing pet as a promise of joy and family happiness.


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