10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in Poland

Here is a list of the most popular breeds based on data from the Kennel Club in Poland. This ranking was based on the number of registered quadrupeds in all branches of the Polish Composers’ Union. What breeds of dogs do Poles prefer?

  1. The German Shepherd, as the name of this breed suggests, is originally from Germany. It was bred in the late 19th century by crossing different herding breeds. The new breed has undergone careful selection, and then very quickly developed and spread. In the United Kingdom, this breed is known as the Alsatian Shepherd Dog, as local lovers wanted to protect the dog from anti-German sentiment after World War I.

  2. Chihuahua is a small dog with a big heart. These crumbs easily adapt to the interests of the owner and the situation, so they can simultaneously combine the features of an incorrigible couch potato and a desperate traveler. The Chihuahua is easy to transport, they are glad to see him in all hotels offering accommodation with pets, and at social events.

  3. The French Bulldog is a friendly companionable dog that gets along easily with other non-aggressive pets and family members. The breed is perfect for living in a city apartment, does not require complex care. These animals belong to decorative dogs, although their ancestors were fighting dogs. The pets are very loyal and quick-witted, they are in good health.

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