10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in Russia

Fashion for dogs is a fickle phenomenon. A certain breed can become popular under the influence of a movie, a book, or even a cartoon (as is the case with the Dalmatians). Sometimes famous politicians or actors unwittingly advertise their pets. But some animals have been consistently included in the top known dog breeds for many years, thanks to their working qualities, intelligence and dedication to humans.

  1. Spitz has an energetic and good-natured character, love their owners, and get along with other pets. They are quite active and need daily walking, although they can also relieve themselves in a tray.

  2. The Yorkies' cheerful disposition makes them great companions for adults and children. These kind and intelligent dogs adore communication and games, do not tolerate loneliness. Fashionable haircuts are a must for Yorkies, so visiting a groomer will have to be included in the must-do list.

  3. These pygmy dogs are very owner-oriented, affectionate, and sensitive. In the heart of the owner, they want to take the first place and can be jealous of new family members and pets.

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