10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in Russia

  1. German Shepherds are among the most famous dog breeds. They lead the ratings of the most daring, loyal, intelligent pets. The Germans can be both great companions and valuable workers, but in any case, it is important to provide them with enough movement, new experiences, and interesting tasks.

  2. Endless loyalty to the family is the main trait of Labradors. These dogs treat children, the elderly, and the sick with infinite patience and love. Labradors are very smart and love to please the owner, and therefore they are happy to master and execute new commands.

  3. 6 Husky

    After the release of Game of Thrones, the popularity of dire wolves-huskies skyrocketed. But it is important to remember: by nature, active and active, these pets do not tolerate keeping in an apartment badly. They love movement, new experiences, and want to spend all their time outdoors.

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