10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in Russia

  1. Jack Russells are a breed of dog that is not suitable for calm couch potatoes. Most of all, they love to spend time outdoors, running, and playing, so be prepared for frequent and active walks. Jack Russell Terriers get along well with children and are always ready to play with a ball or frisbee, but they are often not happy with cats or rodents.

  2. Strong, hardy, unpretentious Alabai is one of the best guard dogs. They have a developed sense of family and territory, they immediately identify possible danger and are always ready to defend their home.

  3. Caucasians are another breed that can be safely entrusted with the protection of property. Caucasian wolfhounds are smart, have excellent intuition. With such a dog you feel safe: she will always stand up for the owner and will do an excellent job of protecting the house.

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