10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in Ukraine

As there is a fashion for a certain brand of car, a specific model of shoes, so there are some tendencies among dog breeders. What kind of pets do Ukrainians prefer – large or small, smooth-haired, or shaggy?

  1. Conqueror of Ukrainian hearts. It is Yorkies that are most often found in our families today. They have a royal appearance and a peaceful disposition, are unpretentious in content, and will be able to protect their master.

  2. An incredibly intelligent dog that, with proper training, can be useful to society. Strength, power, and formidable appearance make this breed the number one among private homeowners looking for a watchdog. He can really stand up for himself and his territory.

    Behind the dangerous appearance are loving and loyal animals who will not harm without reason.

  3. They are cheerful, energetic, intelligent, playful, friendly. The whole carriage has positive qualities. But, like any hunting breed, the jack needs good walking and energy release. This charm wins hearts and takes third place in our top.

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