10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in Spain

  1. The history of the Pyrenean Mastiff goes back to the distant past, to the Molossians, who came to Europe from Asia as a result of the development of trade relations. Like many dogs in this group, they accompanied herders and protect herds of sheep and cows from predators, including bears and wolves.

  2. The Presa Canario is balanced, albeit slightly suspicious brutal, who considers it his mission to protect the peace of the family in which he lives. Discreet enough not to rush at everyone he meets, but also not phlegmatic, this Molossian guard is always ready for a feat in the name of the master. In her free time from guard activities, Presa Canario is not averse to throwing off the burden of worries and playing with the household. Just do not try to educate him as a babysitter or a deliveryman of morning newspapers - in these niches the Canary dogs are full of more successful competitors.

  3. The Ibizan Hound looks like its big-eared ancestors, who raised dust in Ancient Egypt two millennia BC in pursuit of game, the greyhound, still pricked up its ears, gazes intently at the realities of the 20th century. These dogs have carried their almost unchanged appearance over the centuries. Unlike the Greyhound, the Ivitz greyhound, common on the island of Mallorca, is used for hunting with the sight (like a greyhound) and on the trail (like a hound). Related breeds include Greyhound and Saluki. The rush of the blood of the Egyptian mastiffs strengthened the Ivica greyhound.

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