20 Most Popular Dog Breeds in Japan

  1. Papillons or daddies, as domestic breeders affectionately call their pets, are smart, playful, and sociable kids who will forgive their owner for everything, except for lack of attention to their own person. The life of these wonderful in every respect fluffy completely and completely revolves around the one whom they have chosen as their elder friend. Restless and unusually easy-going papillons are always ready to support any initiative of the owner, be it a banal game with a ball, a trip to the nearest supermarket, or a long voyage across countries and continents.

  2. Yorkshire Terrier is one of the most popular indoor and decorative dog breeds in the world. York is charming in appearance, energetic, affectionate, and a great companion. Yorkshire Terrier is an excellent dog, in the character of which courage, agility, endurance are combined with amazing delicacy, intelligence, and quick wit. An excellent friend for all family members, but he considers the owner to be one, to whom he is devoted wholeheartedly.

  3. Shih Tzu is known for their cheerful, joyous temperament. They are lively and friendly. Shih Tzu tends to get along well with people of all ages and with other dogs, as well as other pets of all kinds. It is very rare to meet an evil Shih Tzu, most of them are very cute. With their short snouts, Shih Tzu is not very fond of chewing, but they love to dig, and some are unpleasant to bark. They really enjoy being in the company of people, whether it be sitting on their knees or walking in the park.

  4. Golden Retrievers are smart hunters, impeccable family men, and reliable friends, responsive to affection and kindness to themselves. A properly brought up Golden will willingly fulfill any master's assignment and at the same time will not behave as if he had accomplished the greatest feat in the world. The only reward that the representatives of this breed expect for their own helpfulness is simple human attention, which for retrievers is much more valuable than the most refined delicacy.

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