Akbash Livestock Guardian Being

The Akbash originally comes from Turkey and is used there to guard herds of cattle. The breed was named the national dog there, reflecting its tremendous importance. The Akbash is a large breed of dog, slightly lighter and smaller than the Kangal or Anatolian Shepherd Dog.

Character & Essence

The focus of breeding is independence, courage, and a solid character. It is not uncommon for the livestock guardian dog to be left alone with the flock of sheep for days. Due to its size, it is able to scare away predators as well.

In the event of danger, the dog decides for itself how to deal with a situation. The basic attitude is a calm being, suspicious of strangers. If not properly socialized, he can be aggressive towards other dogs.

The Akbash is not a dog for beginners. Dealing with this independent dog breed requires a lot of experience. Like all large dog breeds, the character develops more slowly than in small dog breeds.


The breed is relatively healthy. Hip dysplasia and gastric torsion can be an issue, the problem affects almost all large dog breeds.


The Akbash is not an ideal apartment dog, this should be obvious given its size and use. He guards herds of cattle, which explains his need for movement.

A well-fenced property with enough space to run out should at least be available. By nature the breed is bred to work, so he needs a meaningful job.

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