Best Names for Pet Guinea Pigs

Are you looking for guinea pig names? You can find ideas for female and male names for guinea pigs here.

There are many reasons to keep a pet. They sweeten everyday life, give love and keep their owners busy. Almost everyone who has a pet can share funny experiences. Guinea pigs are one of the most popular pets. No wonder! With their short legs and friendly faces, they are incredibly cute. The choice of the name should be carefully considered, after all, you will spend many wonderful years together.

Whether classic names, English names with a funny meaning, or maybe your favorite character from television – the name should match the character and appearance. We have put together many suggestions for you and there is sure to be the right name for your guinea pig.

Guinea Pig Names – Female Pets


This name means “the girlfriend” and is particularly suitable for social, friendly, and cuddly guinea pigs.


This name, which means “angel”, is very popular with guinea pigs and goes with particularly friendly animals.


If your guinea pig is particularly pretty, you could give it this name because it means “the beautiful one”.


If your guinea pig has pure white fur, this name is a good choice. Bianca means “the white one”.


If your guinea pig has multi-colored fur and lots of rosettes, this cute name could be the right one.


Bonnie means “the nice one” or “darling” and goes well with particularly cute and lovable animals.


Since the name means “the dark one”, it goes particularly well with guinea pigs with pitch-black fur.


Daisy means “daisy” and is suitable for calm, friendly guinea pigs with light or white fur.


This gentle name, which can be a short form of “snowflake”, goes well with small, reserved animals with fluffy fur and many rosettes.


This classic name is suitable for peace-loving, calm animals and means “the peaceful one”.


As the name suggests, it is suitable for guinea pigs with golden fur. Namely, it means “golden Marie”.


The name is known from the Ghibli film “Kiki’s small delivery service” and goes well with bright, friendly animals.


Lilly goes well with pretty and charming guinea pigs and means “the lily”.


If your guinea pig’s birthday is in May, this name is perfect. By the way, it also means “golden lock” and can go well with light brown animals.


This lovely name will suit females with multi-colored fur and rosettes.


Mimi goes well with shy or shy guinea pigs and means “the pearl”.


This name is suitable for small animals with a special charm because it means “little fairy” or “elf”.


Rosie is a pet form of Rose and is suitable for shy and calm guinea pigs with a gentle disposition.


This name has the beautiful meanings “bright”, “shiny” and “dawn” and is suitable for large females with strong character.


This name fits friendly and calm animals and means “love” or also the confidante “.

Guinea Pig Names – Male Pets


This classic name means “the precious one” and suits active and friendly animals.


The name became known through the bear from the jungle book and also means “bear”. It is suitable for guinea pigs with silver or chocolate brown fur.


This name has the cute meaning of “lucky child” and goes well with bright and social animals.


This name is suitable for particularly lovable males because it means “treasure” or “darling”.


These names mean “the dark one” and are therefore particularly suitable for black guinea pigs.


If your guinea pig has many shades of brown in its coat, this name is a good choice. Namely, it means “the brown one”.


This royal name suits calm and proud animals with particularly beautiful fur. It means “the free man”.


You can give this name to, particularly clever or disobedient guinea pigs. It means namely rascal, crook, or rascal.


You could give this name to a guinea pig that you have adopted or that has gold or tri-colored fur. Namely, it means “the lucky one”.


This name goes well with large and characterful animals because it means “the big one”.


Moritz means “the dark one” and is, therefore, suitable for guinea pigs with dark fur colors.


If your guinea pig is dominant and a real leader, “the king” is a good choice.


This name is popular with pets because of the animated film “Finding Nemo” and is suitable for guinea pigs with red and white fur. Nemo means “nobody”.


This cute name means “the little one” and goes well with dainty guinea pigs or the youngest animal in the group.


Known from the film of the same name, Rambo means “muscle man”. This name suits particularly large, characterful, and defiant animals.


If your guinea pig is particularly loud and stubborn, Rocky could be the right name. Namely, it means “the rock” or “the roaring one”.


“Speedy Gonzales” is a mouse from the “Looney Tunes” series and is, therefore, a popular name for rodents. It is suitable for your guinea pig if it runs away often and is difficult to catch.


Teddy is short for “teddy bear”. If your guinea pig is particularly cuddly and trusting, this could be the right name.


This self-explanatory cute name will suit males with lots of rosettes or long fur.


The name is best known for the dinosaur character of the Nintendo video games and is suitable for small, particularly cuddly and bright animals. It means “the lucky one”.

Guinea Pig Name Ideas: Creative and Funny

You haven’t found the right name yet? Then we would like to give you even more ideas.

Funny and suitable for cute animals, we find names that are reminiscent of sweets. These are, for example, crumbs, cookies, toffee, muffins, oreo, cherry, and so on. These names can be used regardless of gender, go with different coat colors, and are ideal for giving names to a group of animals.

Since guinea pigs are often kept in pairs, well-known name combinations from art, film, and television are also suitable. For example, Mona and Lisa, Pünktchen and Anton, Heidi and Peter, Lolek and Bolek, Ernie and Bert, and many more are possible. Pets are also often named after characters from favorite books or series. Or you can take inspiration from the names of celebrity pets.

Of course, you can also invent your own names for your guinea pigs – there are no limits to creativity.

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