The Best Names for Your Pets

Anyone who has once had a pet no longer wants to live without it. Of course, when a new roommate moves in with you, they need a nice name. We have collected many animal names for you for inspiration!

Cute Dog Names

Dogs are among the most popular pets in Germany. No wonder, as the four-legged friends are considered loyal, playful, and willingly follow the owner on vacation or on excursions into nature. There are many reasons for a dog and a few against it. If you buy a dog, you get a friend for life. And of course, every good friend needs a nice name!


This name comes from Japanese and combines “ai” for “love” and “ko” for “child”. Put together it means something like “child of love”.


This name comes from French and is short for Aimée. It comes from the Latin name aimer or Amara, which means something like “loved” or “the lover”.


“Coming from the family of the Antonians” is its meaning. The name was used extensively in ancient Rome, primarily as a family name for people of a famous lineage. Nowadays it is very popular and is also used in the form of variations such as “Tonda” or “Antoschka” – both of which come from the Czech, by the way.


Benny is derived from Benjamin and comes from Hebrew. There it is made up of “Ben” and “Jamin”, which means something like “son” and “happiness”.


This name was derived from Elisabeth. It originally comes from Hebrew and means something like “oath”, “seven” and “God, the mighty”.


This strong name means “the brown one” or “the bear”. It originated from the old German name Brun. Bruno is just the Latinized form of the name.


Cara comes from Indo-European and means “the dearest” or “the dear one”.
Cassie The first name Cassie means “the seductress” or “the man catcher”. At the same time, he is the abbreviation for the name Cassandra.


A term from Spanish for “young”, “small” or “child”.


Originally this name comes from the Germanic language and means something like “big” or “mighty”. The name was once used as an abbreviation for all names that began with “Erm-” or “Irm-“.


This is the name of a mythical creature that has magical powers, usually has a beautiful female form and stands for good. Fairies can be just as vicious, however.


This is the French name for the word “rascal” or “crook”.


This Gaelic name means “the family”, but is also a belittling of the name Fine, or Josephine.


A name that comes from Gaelic and means something like “the red-faced one” or “who looks fresh and rosy”.


The abbreviation for the Italian name Regina, which in turn represents the feminine form of the name Rex and means “the king”.


An English name is often used as a short form for Heinrich. Its meaning: “powerful” or “rich”.


This short form of Jakob and John comes from English. It is of Hebrew origin and means “May God protect”. In the Bible, however, it is used for the “lister” or “heel holder”.


This name is often used in English as a short form of Gerome, Jeremy, or Gerald.


“Courageous, proud and tried and tested in battle” is its meaning. The name, which comes from Slavic, is an abbreviation for Jaromir or Jaroslav.


An abbreviation for the name Jessica. This in turn was derived from Jiska, a biblical figure. The meaning is “God is looking at you”.


The first dog sent into space in 1957 was a female named Laika. The name originally comes from Russian and is a very nice term for “yapper”.


The pet form of Elisabeth. At the same time, the English form of the name is used for the flower. With the difference that the name is written with just an “l”.


The short form of Charlotte or Lieselotte. The name comes from Old High German and means “free” or “efficient”.


Lucky is the English name for “luck”. Accordingly, a dog with this name is “the lucky one” or “the happy one”.


This name has its roots in Latin, the translation means “moon”. This name is often used in numerous other languages, in Roman mythology it is used to refer to the goddess of the moon.


Lupo comes from Latin and means wolf. The belittling of Lupo is “Lupino”.


Often this name is also written with an “i”, ie Maia. The meaning: “the higher one”. In Greek mythology, she was the daughter of Atlas and the mother of Hermes. Maia is also a Georgian and Portuguese form of Maja.


The short form of Maximilian. It means something like “the greatest”.


Especially in Tanzania, Nala is a popular first name, the meaning of which is translated as “gift”. However, the name originally referred to the “lioness” in the Swahili language. He was best known for the film “The Lion King”.


A short form of Cornelia, Helena or Eleonore. Translated, this name means something like “the shining one”, or “the merciful”.


The name has either a Nordic or Celtic origin and is made up of “Os” and “Cara”, which means “deer” and “friend”. Incidentally, Oskar is derived from Ansgar.


The English name for “pebbles”. The name became known through the cartoon series “The Flintstones”.


This is a short form of Robert “. The name comes from Old High German and means” to shine “or” to shine “.


An abbreviation of many Russian given names, including Roxana or Veronika. Ronja means something like “the dawn” or “the victorious”.


“Snoop” means something like “snoop around” in English. In addition, the name is borne by one of the most famous comic books ever. Snoopy is Charlie Brown’s dog from the series “The Peanuts”.


The name comes from English and means something like “spike” or “thorn”.


A modification of “scruffy”, making this name ideal for dogs that have a scruffy or disheveled coat. He became known through the comic “Tim und Struppi”.


Sunny is the English word for “sunny”, which this name can also refer to a dog that has a very sunny disposition.


This name was derived from Theodor. It comes from ancient Greek and means “God” and “gift”.


The short form of Vivien, which comes from Latin and means something like “lively” or “joyful”. At the same time, he is also called “the winner”.

Best Cat Names For Your Pet

In addition to dogs, cats are the absolute favorites of German pet owners. Cats, too, are wonderful animals that, despite their closeness to us humans, have retained an independent nature. If a cat comes to you, it is only because it really wants it and not because it is its nature. And so every cuddle unit becomes a proof of love and a great compliment for the happy cat owner.


Aliya is Arabic and can be derived from “alia”. This means “the high one” or “the exalted”. A derivation from the Hebrew word “aliyah” for “ascent to Jerusalem” is also possible. The name is particularly sonorous and suits proud and dignified cats that gracefully climb up – even if only on the domestic scratching post.


Amy can be derived from the Latin equivalent of “amare” for “like to have”. This name fits every cat that wrapped our fingers around us at first sight and with whom we immediately fell in love.


The name Ashantie has different meanings. While in Africa it is used to describe a tall and strong woman, in Indian it stands for “restless”. Both equivalents are combined in a large and stately cat that loves its freedom and likes to go hunting.


A bandit is a robber and a thief. Bandit is often used as an animal name for cheeky four-legged friends. This name is excellent for a little robber who explores the world with curiosity and alertness and who has advanced to become an avid mouse-catcher.


Benji is derived from Benjamin and stands for “son of happiness”. The name became known mainly with dogs, as a mixed breed dog named Benji became a crowd favorite in various films. The name is suitable for male cats of all races and is short and memorable.


Billy is actually a diminutive of the name Sibylle and comes from ancient Greek. Sibylle stands for prophetess or seer. Billy is increasingly used as a male first name. One example is the singer Billy Idol.


You probably know the brownie as a traditional American chocolate biscuit. The term can be used for both male and female cats with a brown coat. Brownie was once one of the richest cats in the world. Its owner, who died in 1963, bequeathed the animal $ 415,000.


The word origin of this name is in ancient Greek “kleos”, which means something like fame. Cleo is also considered the short form of Cleopatra. The name suits little kittens who want to become a proud diva one day.


Eddy is the pet form of Eduard, Edgar and Edmond. The equivalent is: Protector of property. Since experience shows that cats are less suitable as watchdogs, Eddy is ideal for slightly chubby tomcats with a cuddle factor. Eddie can also use it. Edi and Edy are suitable as pet forms.


The name Einstein goes back to the world-famous physicist Albert Einstein, who to this day is considered the epitome of genius, although, as is well known, he also had his weaknesses. If you have big plans with your cat or just want to poke fun at the story, this name is the right choice.


Probably the name originated from the old English term “al-vis” for “wise” and “omniscient”. The rock’n’roll legend Elvis Presley is far more familiar to us. The name goes well with sturdy and cozy four-legged friends who like to be pampered by their can openers.


Felix is ​​the Latin equivalent for “happy” or “fortunate”. Certainly your kitten was lucky enough to end up with you of all people. Based on a well-known brand of cat food, black and white tom cats are often called Felix.


Garfield made the comic series of the same name famous. The hangover is known to all of us as lazy, cheeky and hungry. Somewhat chubby and red tabby tomcats also look like the comic hero.


Goofy comes from the English vocabulary and means silly and silly. As a companion to Mickey Mouse, the dog Goofy is one of the most famous Disney characters. This name is best for cozy and slightly clumsy cats.


Not only Howard Carpendale fans should think about this cat name. Howie was the name of a brave Persian cat who traveled 1,600 kilometers in the Australian outback to find her family.


In Indian, Lakota means friend and ally. The name is recommended for animal lovers who want a rather unusual name for their cat and who want to address the special relationship between humans and animals.


Lucky in English means happy and happy. The name suits happy, lively, and curious cats who often make you laugh. They are often used based on the cartoon character Lucky Luke.


Lucy is of Latin origin and was modified by Lucia. The translation is: the shining one. Other possible spellings are Lucie or Luzie. The name suits cats of all breeds and coat colors.


This name comes from Finnish and stands for “snow”. A modification of “lumen”, the Latin term for “light”, is also possible. Lumi goes well with white cats or kittens with a noticeable white patch in their fur, a white tail tip, or similar fur colors.


Luna stands for the moon in Latin and Italian. The Romans called their moon goddess Luna. Harry Potter fans might want to give their cat this name based on Luna Lovegood.


The short form of Maria comes from Egyptian. The meaning of the word is not clearly clarified. Interpretations such as “the fertile” or “the beloved” are possible. Since fur noses are always good for a surprise, this cat name is spot on.


Michel is a form of Michael. The name comes from Hebrew and can be translated as “Who is like God?” translate. Curious and cheeky kittens are named after the rascal from Lönneberga, who lured generations of children to watch TV.


This name comes from the old Slavic vocabulary and stands for “love”. In addition, certain birds of prey are known as kites. The name suits lovable and cuddly cats, but also indicates that every cat hides a small predator.


The name comes from ancient Greek and is the short form of Melissa. Translated into German, Melissa stands for “bee”. The name fits “honey-sweet” kittens of all races and coat colors.


Mowgli is a literary expression found by the author of the jungle book. In the language of the forest, Mowgli means “frog”. Mowgli is a pretty nickname for small and rather plump tomcats.


Nala stands for “lioness” in Swahili. Nala and Simba are simply inseparable in the Disney classic “The Lion King”. Perhaps a second cat will come into the house, which Simba is eagerly awaiting.


Nicki is short for Nicole and comes from ancient Greek. The German equivalent is: winner of the people. Variations such as Nici, Nikki or Nicky are possible. Cat owners in southern Germany may primarily think of the singer of the same name from Lower Bavaria.


The name comes from Old High German and is modified from Oda. Oda or Odette are other common forms. Odina can be translated as “the owner” and can remember who the real mistress is in the house and how cats subjugate their can openers every day.


Romeo comes from the Latin word “romaeus” for “Roman”. Closer is the thought of the most famous lovers in literary history. Handsome and potent tomcats who like to look for a bride have earned this name.


Sammy is the pet form of Samuel. The name comes from the Hebrew and means: the one asked of God. Sammy can also be abbreviated as Sam or is pronounced as Samuel when the cat is reprimanded and urged to be reasonable. Sammy goes well with cuddly and somewhat plump cats of the Persian or British Shorthair breeds.


Selima is the appropriate name for a tiger cat and a biped who is enthusiastic about literature and word games. Selima lived with the English writer Horace Walpole. When he went on an educational journey in the middle of the 18th century, the animal drowned in a goldfish bowl. We owe the expression to a poem that was written in memory of Selima: “All that glitters is not gold”.


Sheba was an ancient kingdom that was located in what is now Yemen. A derivation from Sheeba, a Hebrew woman’s name, is also possible. The name is not only suitable for Carthusian cats who particularly like the food of the same name.


Sissi is of Hebrew origin and a short form of Elisabeth. The name can be translated as: the one sanctified by God. Empress Elisabeth of Austria is most often associated with this name, not least because of the annual repetitions of the TV trilogy of the same name. For tender and sensitive kittens, Sissi is a worthy match.


Sunny is the English name for cheerful and sunny. A kitten brings sunshine into the house and therefore the name actually fits all tomcats. As an animal name, Sunny gained fame through Barack Obama. The second bitch of the former US President bears this name.


This name is suitable for cats with a butterfly-like flow, a tabby pattern. The pet form of Tabitha stands for “deer” or “gazelle”.


Tom is a classic among the cat names and is chosen based not least on the famous cartoon tomcat. Tom stands for a brave tomcat who won’t stop at anything, but who doesn’t hide his gentle side either. A tomcat with this name has made what is probably the longest documented cat trip and crossed the United States from Florida to California over a length of 4,000 kilometers.


Yola is the short form of Yolanda. The ancient Greek equivalent of the name stands for “violet”. Following the symbolic character, modest and virgin cats should bear the name Yola. The short and memorable name also goes very well with curious and intelligent cats.


In Japan, people refer to everything beautiful with Yumi. Little beauties are all cats. Therefore, the name fits every kitten perfectly.


In ancient Greek, Zoey means “life”. The name can also be written Zoe or Zooey and suits all cats that turn their owners’ lives upside down and bring hustle and bustle into the house.


Zora is an Old Slavic name that means dawn or dawn. The name is also often associated with the film adaptation of the youth novel “The Red Zora and Her Gang”. Zora is the apt name choice for adventurous kittens with red fur.

Best Names for Birds

Birds are also still very popular as pets. The social animals are very intelligent and like to learn new tricks from their owner. The colorful feathered pets also bring a lot of color into your own apartment – there is only one thing they don’t like: being alone. Keeping a bird alone is torture for the animal – so whoever brings birds into the house always needs two names. But the cheeky birdies also learn to speak their own name.


Abraxas comes from the ancient Greek vocabulary and stands for the name of the gnostic deity. Generations of children remember Abraxas as the speaking raven from the children’s book “Die kleine Hexe” by Ottfried Preußler. The name goes very well with clever birds with an unmistakable talent for languages.


Adele is a short form of the old German first name Adelheid. The German translation of the word meaning is “the noblewoman”. Singer Adele, who regularly makes it into the charts, also provides inspiration.


Admiral is an Arabic term and translates as “Commander at sea”. This resulted in a rank for the Navy. Admiral is one of the most popular parrot names and corresponds to animals that like to speak up loud and set the tone in their home.


The Finns refer to the sunshine as Aila. A derivation from Hebrew is also possible. There “elah” means “oak”. The name suits kind and cheerful birds, perhaps with a yellow plumage.


The Japanese call Akira something bright and radiant. In Japan the term can be used for both sexes. Akira goes very well with birds with a yellow or white plumage.


Amadeus is one of the most popular names for parrots, and parakeets with musical talent, who know how to express themselves melodically, certainly carry this name with dignity.


Aurora has its place in Roman mythology and denotes the goddess of the dawn. The name goes well with parrots and larger parakeets that stand out for their beauty and grace.


Birdy stands for a little bird in English. The term for tender and smaller birds is therefore apt. Canaries or ornamental finches are preferably called Birdy.


The English term for butterfly is suitable for small, colorful birds that like to flutter around in their cage, and often do so.


Every child knows the black chick, which wears an eggshell as a headgear. Not only blackbirds are suitable for this funny attribution. Should consider buying a companion, Calimero had a friend named Priscilla.


Even if your new pet won’t become a great singer, the name of the Spanish opera singer goes very well with parrots, nymphs, parakeets, and other larger and powerful birds.


Coco stands for itself and was made famous by Coco Chanel. Further meanings are not known. Coco is a popular name for budgies and is easy to learn.


In England daisies and daisies are known as daisies. We are, however, much more familiar with Daisy


In Duckburg she likes to wear pumps, hair bows and hats. The name suits proud and pretty bird ladies. Not to forget – the right flirt partner would be found in a conspecific named Donald Duck.


Fairy stands for “fairy” in English. Delicate and graceful bird ladies will find a suitable nickname here.


Filou is derived from French and stands for a little rascal and rascal. Filou can be called birds that are a bit cheeky and like to have the last word.


Fipsi comes from ancient Greek and is a diminutive of the name Philipp. The translation is “friend of horses”. The frequency of its use as a bird name may also suggest that Fipsi is understood as a modification of the verb fiepen.


The English word fly has various equivalents in German. In addition to flying, the adjectives chic, clever, clever, or cool are also included. Your bird will surely bring one of these characteristics with it.


Indigo denotes a blue dye and is therefore the appropriate name for birds with blue plumage or a proportion of blue feathers in prominent places.


Kiki comes from Greek and is the short form of Kyriaki. The German translation is “Sonntagskind”. Perhaps your bird was born on a Sunday or came to its new home on a Sunday.


The popular exotic fruit itself describes a type of bird and thus the appropriate bird name for a green birdie has been found.


The lemon is called Lemon in English. The English know other bizarre equivalents for the term with Monday car or idiot. Lemon can be used as a name for yellow birds.


In Latin, “Leo” means “lion”. As a short form of Leopold or Leonhard, Leo stands for the “courageous lion”. Likewise, Leo is a common papal name. As a budgie name, Leo is short and concise and, with a little patience and luck, will soon be trumpeted.


Marvin is an Old High German name, composed of the terms “mari” for “famous” and “wini” for “friend”. The name fits all budgies, because the new pet is sure to quickly become a friend.


The English term for melody can be used as a bird name if the animals are to be animated to sing or if they are already enthusiastic singers.


Olli is commonly used as a nickname for Oliver. The derivation can be made from Old High German. There “alf” stands for a natural being and “heri” for a warrior. Thus Oliver is to be regarded as a warlike nature being. The name is easy to memorize and also goes well with rather calm Wellis.


The Greek alphabet ends with the letter Omega. An animal named Omega often takes the last place in the ranking of a bird group and thus forms the opposite pole to the alpha animal.


Dots is a trivialized expression of dot. An appropriate bird name is found when the animal has dotted plumage or has a multicolored and conspicuous drawing.


Serafina is of Hebrew origin and can be derived from “seraph” for “fiery”. Serafina stands for a fiery and sparkling person. The name suits spirited birds with intense coloring.


In English, Sweetie stands for “the sweet one”. The term can be used for all birds. The name is melodic, easy to remember, and is often repeated.

Zsa Zsa

Zsa is the abbreviation of the name Zsuzsanna. The translation as lily or water lily is possible from Egyptian and Hebrew. The name became known through the actress Zsa Zsa Gabor. The name fits delicate and graceful birds of all genera.

Best Names for Guinea Pigs and Other Rodents

Rodents are particularly popular with children. Rodents are cute and have fewer demands on their surroundings than a dog, for example. The welfare of rodents also requires knowledge, of course, many rodents live in larger groups and are not suitable for individual housing. The hamster is different: it is a real soloist. But even if you want to keep several rodents, the costs are manageable. There is really only one thing missing: the right name for your rodent.


According to the Bible, Adam is the first person. The name can be derived from the Hebrew “adamah” and therefore means “earth”. The name can be used for bunnies of all sizes and colors of fur.


Akito is Japanese and means something like “little devil”. A fast, agile and curious hamster will soon respond to this name with a little patience.


Aladin is a character from the oriental fairy tale treasure of 1001 nights. Aladdin can be translated as “exalted faith”. The name is unreservedly suitable as a hamster name.


The English call amber. The name is particularly aptly chosen if the person who wears it is a golden-brown animal.


This name means “the girlfriend” and is particularly suitable for social, friendly, and cuddly guinea pigs.


Engel denotes an angel and can be derived from the Latin word “Angelus”. The name fits every cute bunny girl.


(Angel) This name, which means “angel”, is very popular with guinea pigs and goes with particularly friendly animals.


This classic name means “the valuable one” and suits active and friendly animals.


The name Babette is probably derived from the Latin term “barbarus” for “foreign” or “foreign”. If the bunny has traveled a long way, the name can turn out to be apt.


The name became known through the bear from the jungle book and also means “bear”. It is suitable for guinea pigs with silver or chocolate brown fur.

Bella (Anabell)

If your guinea pig is particularly pretty, you could give it this name because it means “the beautiful one”.
Benjamin (Benni, Ben) This name has the cute meaning “lucky child” and goes well with bright and social animals.


If your guinea pig has pure white fur, this name is a good choice. Bianca means “the white one”.


This name is suitable for particularly lovable males because it means “treasure” or “darling”.

Blake (Blakey, Blacky)

These names mean “the dark one” and are therefore particularly suitable for black guinea pigs.


If your guinea pig has multi-colored fur and lots of rosettes, this cute name could be the right one.


Robert’s nickname is Bobby. In Old High German, the name means “of shining fame”. Spellings like Bob, Bobbi or Bobbie are also possible. The name is suitable for all hamsters, regardless of the color of their fur or abnormalities.


Bonnie means “the nice one” or “darling” and goes well with particularly cute and lovable animals.


In English, bonuses and rewards are referred to as bounty. Last but not least, a chocolate bar and a famous British sailing ship come to mind. If the hamster is bought as a reward for good grades or the like, the appropriate name has been found.


Brain stands for the brain in English. This name works best for clever and cheeky mice.


Bruno comes from Old High German and is derived from a brown bear. The name goes very well with brown rabbits, who are a bit more relaxed and sometimes look clumsy.


Calimero stands for “beautiful day” in ancient Greek. This makes Calimero a welcome gift to every new housemate. Famous among comic lovers, the name came from a black chick with an eggshell on its head.

Charlie (Charles)

This royal name suits calm and proud animals with particularly beautiful fur. It means “the free man”.

Ciara (Chiara)

Since the name means “the dark one”, it goes particularly well with guinea pigs with pitch black fur.


The English call a biscuit or a cookie a cookie. The name fits all cute rodents of both sexes.


Daisy means “daisy” and is suitable for calm, friendly guinea pigs with light or white fur.


Faro comes from Portuguese. The translation is “flair”. The Italians and Spaniards call a lighthouse Faro. Faro is also an ancient game of chance. Faro can therefore stand for mice that were once particularly lucky or simply make their owners happy.


Children know Flip from the cartoon series “Maya the Bee”. Flip stands for somersault, which the green grasshopper did particularly well. Active mice, whose favorite place is the balance bike, deserve this name.


You can give this name to particularly clever or disobedient guinea pigs. It means namely rascal, crook or rascal.


The English call lightning a flash. The name therefore goes well with fast and agile rabbits.
Flockchen The diminutive for snowflake is the appropriate name for white rabbits with longer or curly fur.


This gentle name, which can be short for “snowflake”, goes well with small, reserved animals with fluffy fur and many rosettes.


This classic name is suitable for peace-loving, calm animals and means “the peaceful one”.

Goldmarie (Goldie, Mariechen)

As the name suggests, it is suitable for guinea pigs with golden fur. Namely, it means “golden Marie”.


Jerry is short for Gerald, Jerome, Jeremy and other male given names. The name comes from Hebrew and is already mentioned in the Bible. Clever and shrewd mice should be called Jerry, because after all, tom cat Tom usually had the disadvantage of the mouse Jerry in the popular US animated series.


The name is known from the Ghibli film “Kiki’s small delivery service” and goes well with bright, friendly animals.


While Kimi is the male given name in Scandinavia, women are called Kimi, Kimmy or Kim in Japan. The German translation is “unique”. Every new pet is unique and therefore Kimi simply suits every small rodent.


Whoever crumbles leaves behind small pieces of bread or pastries. The diminutive of Krume fits particularly small and delicate mice of both sexes. You can also call the rodent crumbs.


The male first name Leonhard is often abbreviated with Lenny. The translation “courageous lion” can be derived from Old High German. If you look closely, every hamster is a little lion and brave anyway. You can’t go wrong with this hamster name with this.


Lilly goes well with pretty and charming guinea pigs and means “the lily”.


You could give this name to a guinea pig that you have adopted or that has gold or tri-colored fur. Namely, it means “the lucky one”.


Lucy comes from Latin and is a modification of the name Lucia. The German translation is: the shining one or the bright one. The name can also be written Luzie or Lucie and is preferably used for rabbits with light fur.


Lulu has different meanings. In Swahili, the name means “pearl”. Lulu is also known as the short form of Lucy or Louisa. The name could allude to the button eyes of the mice, which appear like pearls and fits every animal.


Lumpi is primarily known as a dog’s name. The origin of the word is not exactly researched. It is assumed that Lumpi is to be understood as a derivative of Lump. Drive-controlled mice with an active sex drive find the appropriate name here.

Maia (Maja)

If your guinea pig’s birthday is in May, this name is perfect. By the way, it also means “golden lock” and can go well with light brown animals.


Mara has various equivalents. The name stands for beauty and kindness and also denotes the sea. Calm and rather docile mice are made for this animal name.

Max (Maximilan)

This name goes well with large and characterful animals, because it means “the big one”.


This beautiful name suits females with multi-colored fur and rosettes.


Milky stands for milky in English. The short and memorable name can be used for animals with white or light brown fur.


Mimi goes well with shy or shy guinea pigs and means “the pearl”.


Minny is short for Wilhelmine. In Old High German, “willio” stands for will and “helm” for shooter. From this the resolute protector can be derived. The name fits brave mice who know how to defend their position at the feeding bowl or their offspring.


Montgomery’s nickname is Monty. The English equivalent is: the hunter in the mountains. We are also familiar with the British comedian group Monty Python. The cute rodents are always up for fun and so this name is just right for all male hamsters.


Moritz is derived from the Latin word “maurus” for “dark-skinned”. Hares with dark fur find a fitting name with Moritz. Mori or Ritzi are possible as pet forms.
Moritz Moritz means “the dark one” and is therefore suitable for guinea pigs with dark fur colors.
Nemo In Latin, Nemo means “nobody”. Nevertheless, we are by no means dealing with a bland name here. Just think of Captain Nemo, who, thanks to Jules Verne, was 20,000 miles under the sea, or the cute clownfish from a recent cinema adventure.


Nuri comes from Korean and means “the first”. A suitable name has thus been found for the first mouse in the terrarium. In Arabic and Turkish, Nuri is used to denote light.


Oskar is Old High German and can be translated as “God’s spear”. The ship’s cat, Oscar, became known in the animal kingdom. The black and white cat is said to have survived several ship accidents. Courageous hamsters with black fur can emulate the famous role model.


This cute name means “the little one” and goes well with dainty guinea pigs or the youngest animal in the group.


The origin of this feminine name is not fully understood. The word origin is assumed in the Arabic as well as in the English language area. Particularly pretty mice or very small rodents deserve the name Pinky, because the English call their little finger Pinky.


In England, elves and goblins are called pixies. Funny and curious animals of both sexes can get this name.


What could be closer to cute animals than a beloved equivalent for “cute”. Putzi is actually a feminine pet form. The hamster name can, however, be used for animals of both sexes.


Known from the film of the same name, Rambo means “muscle man”. This name suits particularly large, characterful and defiant animals.


If your guinea pig is dominant and a real leader, “the king” is a good choice.


If your guinea pig is particularly loud and stubborn, Rocky could be the right name. Namely, it means “the rock” or “the roaring one”.


Rosie is a pet form of Rose and is suitable for shy and calm guinea pigs with a gentle disposition.


This name has the beautiful meanings “bright”, “shiny” and “the dawn” and is suitable for large females with strong character.


Sally is the English variant of Sarah. The name comes from the Hebrew vocabulary and stands for “mistress” or “princess”. If several rabbits are kept, Sally can designate the dominant rabbit.


Schecki is derived from the German expression pied for blotchy. Hamsters with piebald fur are given a fitting name.


Smokey is the English name for smoky and sooty. Literal gray mice of both sexes have found the appropriate name here.


Speedy comes from English and is used more often as a surname around the world. The name is just right for nimble and agile mice, because Speedy Gonzales is known to be the fastest mouse in Mexico.
Sunny Joy moves in with a new pet. Sunny stands for “sunny” and “cheerful” in English and can thus transfer the good feeling to the new pet.


Teddy is short for “teddy bear”. If your guinea pig is particularly cuddly and trusting, this could be the right name.


Trudi is the short form of the once widespread German women’s name Gertrud. The term stands for “strong and powerful”. The name suits hamster women of sturdy build who know how to assert themselves.


In the Himalayas one should be able to meet this mythical creature. We like to translate Yeti as snowman. The inhabitants of the mountain villages from the Himalaya Mountains also refer to bears as yetis. The name goes well with cuddly brown bunnies with longer fur.


The name comes from Japanese and means “the lucky one”. Yoshi is known to many children and adults as a Nintendo toy character. The little dinosaur and Super Mario are popular and inseparable. Mice don’t like to be left alone either. Yoshi and Mario are the perfect mouse duo.


The Spaniards call a fox Zorro. Children usually know Zorro as a hero with a cape and black mask. For hamsters who are supposed to show courage, Zorro is the right motivation.

Best Names for Horses

Well, a horse is only a pet for Pippi Longstocking, but anyone who has ever been lucky enough to be able to deal with horses quickly develops an intimate relationship with the beautiful animals. A horse is something very special and therefore needs a very special name.


This sonorous name comes from Arabic and means alive and well. It suits a petite, lively mare, no matter what color she is.


Since the end of the 19th century, the English name for amber has also been used as a female first name. It is suitable for noble mares with amber-colored fur.


Amigo is derived from the Latin word “amicus” and means something like “friend or companion”. The ideal name for a real horse buddy who will go through thick and thin with you.


The Latin word for dawn is made for a gentle chestnut mare.


Aristocratic and formidable could be the suitable horse for this name. But also a meek stallion or gelding with a noble stature can bear the name Baron.

Black Beauty

Who does not know him, the long-suffering yet victorious stallion from the story of the same name. It goes without saying that only a particularly beautiful black stallion (or gelding) can be considered for this.


Red-brown and fiery like the spice powder made from chili peppers, a mare should be if she gets the name Cayenne.


In English, Collin is short for Nikolaus, from Latin the word collis is translated as “hill”. Therefore, Collin should go very well with a cozy pony gelding.


Dakota comes from Indian and stands for friend or ally. A great name for a mare with whom you can “steal horses”.


The “dancer” goes best with a capricious and very light-footed horse. But even a nervous thoroughbred likes to “prance” and thus lives up to the name.


A valuable gemstone once it has been cut correctly. But it also goes well with a stallion or gelding who has a particularly shiny coat or a conspicuous diamond-shaped mark.


If you look further, you will come across the old Nordic name Dorsteinn, which developed from the Greek first name Thors. Translated this would mean “Thor’s stone”. The name could match a tall gray horse or a fluffy pony stallion.


The shining or radiant one is the name of Fatima, which comes from Arabic. Mares with a particularly eye-catching badge or bright white color are perfect for this sonorous name.


A cozy gelding with a big heart can bear this name just as well as a fiery stallion. Fireheart goes particularly well with a red fox.


A dainty gray mare that floats along like a snowflake can very well bear the name Flocke. But Flocke is also an excellent match for a funny spotted mare.


Fury is the English word for anger and as a horse name from the novel of the same name by Alber G. Miller, every horse lover is sure to be a household name. It goes without saying that this name may not suit a gentle or leisurely horse.


The female first name from India is the epithet of the goddess Lakshmi and stands for beauty and shine. This almost answers the question of which mare this name could be suitable for.


Kiara or Chiara is the Italian variant of Clara / Klara and means the shining or the glamorous. The name fits a very gentle mare with a shiny coat.


The goddess of the moon from Roman mythology is the namesake of Luna and translated from Latin means moon. A dark mare with sickle-shaped markings and slender build is sure to be a worthy goddess of the moon.


The name for a great Indian ruler is Maharajah. A fitting name for a big, strong stallion or gelding who is not easy to lead, but is wonderful to look at.


A funny song on your lips and life will be easier. Melody suits a happy and uncomplicated mare who doesn’t take life too seriously.


Translated from the Slavic Mira means peace, in Latin, it is translated as wonderful. Mira is also known as a nickname for Mirabella. A suitable name for a calm, gentle mare.


A nugget is the name given to naturally formed nuggets of gold. So if your stallion or gelding is a real treasure, you are spot on with this name.


The winged horse from Greek mythology is a child of Poseidon and Medusa. Usually the Pegasus is represented as a gray horse with wings. Since it has an intimate connection with water sources, a horse bearing this name should also love water.

Piroska (Piri)

The name, which originally comes from Latin, is translated as the venerable, the beautiful or the splendid. In Hungary, Piroska is also the translation for Little Red Riding Hood. The right name for a spirited chestnut mare.


In Greek mythology, the god of the sea, Poseidon is the appropriate name for a strong stallion with cold blood and a strong mane. A tinker or a frieze in particular has the optical attributes.

Queen (Queeny)

The English term for queen is probably more the name for a large, elegant mare, while the pet form Queeny is also suitable for a funny pony mare.


Rasmus is the short form of the name Erasmus, which is mainly known in the Scandinavian-speaking area, and is translated as “the beloved”. So every gelding or stallion can bear this name if he is loved dearly.


Rih comes from Arabic and means wind. Which name could be more suitable for a thoroughbred Arabian stallion?


The name Sandro is composed of the words aléxo (defend, protect) and andrós (man). So if your stallion / gelding has a strong protective instinct, Sandro is a good name for your horse.


The Irish first name is probably known to all of us from the film epic ‘‘ Gone with the Wind ‘‘. The lively and extremely capricious Scarlett O’Hara should be the namesake for such a mare. Since the name was derived from the Latin term scarlatum (which translates as “the scarlet material”), it is also very suitable for red-brown mares.


A truly magical name for a graceful gray with a lot of temperament. But a conspicuous, sickle-shaped badge can also lead to this naming.


Soleil means “sun” translated from French and goes well with a mare whose character is a real sunshine.


Spirit stands for spirit or soul. In the cartoon “Spirit – the wild Mustang” the name is associated with a stallion who wants to be and stay wild and free without losing sight of his loyal friends or abandoning them.


Tornado stands for cyclone and comes from the Latin word tornare (to turn). So if your horse is a powerful whirlwind, Tornado is the apt name for you.


The name, originally from Italy, means “the Etruscan woman” or “the Tuscan woman”. So it goes perfectly with a dark mare with a southern temperament.


When you hear the name vanilla, you automatically think of wonderfully sweet vanilla cream. Therefore, the name for a light fox (e.g. Haflinger) or palomino is perfect. If it’s a sweet mare …


In English, velvet stands for velvety or velvety soft. Therefore it is a very appropriate name for a gentle mare with a loving nature and velvety nostrils.

Victoria (Vicky)

“The winner” means Victoria translated from Latin and fits every mare who has become the winner of your heart’s desire. The short form Vicky is ideal for an intrepid pony mare.


As a derivation of the Turkish word sultan, Zoltan stands for king or ruler and is of Hungarian origin. The word power of the name alone makes Zoltan more suitable for a large, impressive horse.

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