Can Dogs Smile and Laugh?

Smiling dog

Have you ever seen your dog’s smile? Is it just because of their slanted mouth pattern? You must have noticed the joy in your face when they are happy or take him to walk in the evening or play with you. But are you mistaking or it’s a real smile in his face? Projecting human emotions on a puppy has a popular term called anthropomorphizing. So it’s time to find out whether your beloved dog is really smiling or the misconception of your extreme love for your pet.

Can Your Beloved Dog Really Smile?

Dogs sometimes make their faces such a way that it looks like they are smiling. It depends on a particular situation and their body language. Sometimes we get attracted to a doggy just because we assume that it is smiling on us. There were instances when people got a million-dollar flappy grin just because they thought he was happy and smiling.

Smiling dog
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The Magic of Facial Expressions

Can you believe that dogs can actually recognize your facial expression? These animals are astute. Hence they understand the body language as well as different forms of communication of humans. They have the skills of social recognition as well. These skills are found in human babies who are aged between 6 months to 2 years. Dogs even sometimes try to observe humans by utilizing their eyes and mimicking them.

Is Your Dog Smiling? Is He Happy?

If you find your dog is smiling, you should also be happy because it is a sign of happiness. But keep in mind that it entirely depends on the behavior of a dog and his body language. Yes, indeed, he is happy. But sometimes it can also mean that he is trying to please you, or he is simply trying to mimic your facial expression. It can be a sign of his submissive behavior, as well. It’s not so easy to understand a dog’s body language and behavior.

Smiling dog
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The Sign of a Submissive Smile

A submissive smile indicates that he is your friend now or wants to be more friendly with you. Sometimes people get confused between an aggressive smile and a submissive smile. A relaxed body posture and laid-back ears are always the signs of submissive behavior of your beloved dog.

Is Your Dog Delighted?

How to understand if your dog is truly happy or not? A soft and relaxed body posture is a sign of happiness while whining, yawning or licking lips and indicating stress. You will be amazed to know that sometimes just like we human dogs smile from outside and feel gloomy from inside. Yes! They are just like us.

Smiling Rottweiler

Is There Any Sound of a Dog Laugh?

Laughter sound is found when you inhale and exhale air. “Ha Ha” is the sound of human laughter while the laughter sounds of dogs seem like “huh huh.”

Many dog owners try to create an unbreakable bond with their dogs by mimicking dog laughter. If you also want to try, you have to create a rounded shape of your lips to get that perfect “huh huh” sound. Now open your mouth and try to smile to get that perfect sound. It should be ready without any noise. Many dogs respond to this laughter sound by wagging their tails or sitting up.


If your dog smiles, it will make your day. But if you are still confused between comfortability and real happiness, you have to notice their behavior and body language minutely. It will help you to ensure that your beloved pet is feeling happy and healthy.

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