Craft Instructions for Rabbit Friends

Rabbits need something to do! We have collected many different building and handicraft instructions for you as well as great sleeping and hiding places for your rabbits. Here you can find the free instructions to download.

Rabbits want a varied everyday life. They need an exciting enclosure that encourages them to move. Rabbits enjoy climbing ramps onto flat roofs, hiding, and crawling through tunnels. However, you do not always have to buy accessories for your rabbit enclosure. We have brought you the best DIY rabbit tutorials.

DIY: rabbit roosting house

Here you will find a great sleeping and hiding place for your rabbits when they are allowed to romp around outside in the garden. All you need are wooden panels, battens, screws, brackets, and the right tools.

DIY: XL enclosure for rabbits

Do you have an old closet that you don’t actually use anymore? If you want to give your rabbits more space in their enclosure and have some manual skills, you can build this rabbit enclosure in XL format from an old cupboard.

DIY: XXL enclosure for rabbits

If you have a lot of space in your apartment for a rabbit enclosure, you can try this XXL-sized enclosure. The basic structure is the Gorm shelf from IKEA.

DIY: hay rack for rabbits

Many rabbit owners face the problem that the hay rack is constantly empty and the hay is spread all over the floor. With our homemade hay rack for rabbits, these problems are a thing of the past.

DIY: Hide and Seek Adventure Playground

In order to give the rabbits a little more variety when they run free, you can build them a playground with lots of hiding places and crawl-through options on two floors.

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