Dog and Bike

With the help of the bike, you can give your dog exercise without having to make a special effort yourself. We tell you how to become a good cycling team.

Start slowly

First of all, cycling with the dog means taking things slowly. Before the dog is at least 15 or 18 (depending on its size) months old, cycling trips are taboo for it. It doesn’t matter, because you have plenty of time to practice. Because only when the interaction between man and dog on the groundworks smoothly can you even think about pedaling.

It works with this exercise

Here is a proven method that you can use to teach your four-legged friend to be a good and, above all, safe “bike companion”. It starts with a foot exercise on a leash that is at least three meters long. The exercise is perfect when the leash is slack. You achieve this by changing direction until the dog is no longer in front of you but is next to you. If so, praise, praise, praise! And for heaven’s sake, forget the tournament-style by-foot number with this exercise! Because if you insist that the dog has to look at you – that is, look up at an angle instead of at the path ahead – you’re not going to get very far on a bike. Walking along quietly is enough. Next, practice the “stop” and “let’s go on” commands. If that works smoothly on foot, you can get on the bike. And then it starts! But please only at walking pace at first. Speed ​​and distance increase only slowly.

It’s safer with the “jumper”

By the way, you play it safe if you have a “jumper” attached to the right rear wheel (you can get it from mail orders or pet shops). The dog hangs securely and exactly where it should, and you have both hands free for the steering wheel.

Please never forget: there is no wind down there, the exhaust gas concentration is higher, the dog has fur and it cannot sweat. He has to do a lot physically, while the cyclist just pedals casually. So take his age, his fitness, and the air temperature into account, otherwise, such a bike trip will turn into animal cruelty.

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