False Pregnancy Dog Symptoms – Home Remedies

When a bitch who has not been spayed exhibits maternal behavior in conjunction with the physical signs of pregnancy after estrus, a condition is known as ‘pseudo-pregnancy’, ‘pseudo-pregnancy’, ‘pseudo-pregnancy’, or ‘pseudo-cyst’ may be diagnosed. These terms refer to a condition when the bitch is not actually pregnant. It is possible for a bitch to have a false pregnancy regardless of whether she has ever been sexually active. After one heat cycle, the vast majority of female dogs that have not been spayed will show signs of false pregnancy.

Symptoms of False Pregnancy in Your Dogs

Our experts are frequently asked about false pregnancies in dogs. But only a few dog owners know the warning signs that should draw their attention to a possible false pregnancy of their dog:


This may include relocating to a new location and building a new den. She may also start digging through the litter, which is a common sign that she is preparing the litter site.

Changes in the behavior of the bitch:

Your girlfriend’s depressed, anxious, and clingy symptoms suggest a false pregnancy; however, these symptoms can easily be confused with other common disorders.

Decreased desire to eat:

False pregnancy often presents with symptoms such as decreased appetite, inability to eat, and vomiting. You may also notice weight gain caused by fluid retention leading to a bloated and swollen abdomen.

Body changes:

False pregnancies in dogs sometimes manifest as a bloated abdomen, enlargement of the mammary glands, and even production of milk or discharge from the mammary glands.


Your pooch might also show an interest in working in the medical field. Perhaps he develops an emotional attachment to a particular object and then acts protectively around that object.

How Do You Treat a False Pregnancy in a Dog?

It is not a serious problem and the scenario does not pose a threat to human life. You can take matters into your own hands for now and consult a veterinarian when the time comes. In the following, you will find out what options you have if you have established without a doubt that your bitch is a pseudopregnancy.


Your vet will give you recommendations for various medications that can help your pet during this time. These medications will calm the animal and keep the symptoms from overcoming. Diuretics, mild tranquilizers, hormone treatments, medications that lower prolactin levels, tranquilizers, or steroids are some of the medications that may be prescribed.

Quit Your Overprotective Motherhood:

Anything your bitch acquires and keeps around her constantly should be removed and removed from the sleeping area or where she is isolated. Don’t give her permission to build a nest, and teach your dog that his behavior is unacceptable by saying the word “no” in a calm and reassuring tone. Keep taking the items she collects and clearing the nesting area of ​​any items she might put there to get a suitable spot for the litter.

Finding out when she should be neutered:

During this time it is important to choose the right time to act. Spaying the bitch when symptoms are at their worst will only result in more false pregnancy diagnosis cases in the future. For this reason, it is important to ensure that the symptoms have stopped manifesting, meaning that the woman’s menses have stopped, before taking her to be spayed.

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