Germanic Bear Dog: Facts and Personality Traits

The breed name immediately puts me in the picture of a huge dog. In fact, it is a very large breed of dog, weighing between 50 and 85 kg and measuring between 70 and 85 cm at the shoulder.


If you read through the character descriptions on the Internet, everything is represented. From gentle to defensive and not suitable for keeping in a populated area. It depends in particular on which lines were crossed. If a St. Bernard is bred to a Leonberger, the breed may be a little calmer. The situation is different when shepherd dogs such as the Ovcharka of the Kangal are crossed

For the inexperienced dog owner, such a breed of dog will be difficult to tame. Nor would it make sense to keep such dogs in densely populated areas. As already indicated, the essence is very difficult to characterize. It’s because what breeds were crossed? When dealing with “docile breeds” the Germanic Bear Dog will be easier to handle, although easy is still relative.

If you read through the descriptions on Wikipedia, the temperament is described as cautious, persistent, independent, loyal, and courageous. Territorial behavior is also mentioned. If breeds like the Ovcharka or Kangal are crossed, the characteristics are completely different.

Shepherd dogs, for example, the Ovcharka of the Kangal, are independent, extremely alert, and usually dominant towards other dogs. Livestock guardian dogs were bred to guard and make independent decisions about when danger is imminent and how to respond. You can easily imagine how difficult such a dog is to lead.

The Germanic Bear Dog is an excellent watchdog, wary of strangers, which the owner must take into account. He has a very high stimulus threshold, and on top of that, he doesn’t have the constant urge to play the role of the alpha animal. He adapts to the family, new family members are unconditionally accepted. This dog is a calm and social family companion, without an excessive urge to move. If the human is calm with strangers, the dog stays relaxed.


How big does a Germanic bear dog get?

Males can reach a shoulder height of up to 85 cm, females are usually a little smaller.

What is the name of the dog that looks like a bear?

This breed of dog is called the Germanic Bear Dog or Karelian Bear Dog.

How Much Does a Germanic Bear Dog Cost?

In the relevant classified ads on the Internet, the prices for a Germanic Bear Dog puppy start at around €1500. In any case, I advise you not to make the purchase of a puppy dependent on the price.

As with all dog breeds, but especially with the Germanic bear dog, the most important thing is serious rearing by the breeder. The puppy must already be properly socialized here. The future owner has a great deal of responsibility.

Reading tip: How to recognize a good dog breeder. Of course, the running costs should not be neglected. Such a large dog requires good and plentiful food. As with any dog ​​breed, dog liability insurance is highly recommended.

Such a large breed of dog is not suitable for keeping in an apartment. A spacious and escape-proof property is ideal. Nothing would be worse than having your Germanic Bear Dog go wandering and exploring the neighborhood.

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