Heaps – Good if the Dog Bag is with You

I’m sure you know it too: You’re getting ready for a nice evening, the ladies slip into the particularly delicate shoes, the gentlemen, for once, into the really elegant patent-leather shoes. And then it goes out and full of anticipation THE faux pas happens! Then stepping into an unloved dog’s poo is truly annoying. We all know how important it is for our four-legged friends to exercise and go for a walk – but it has been proven that not everyone pays attention to common hygiene or carries dog bags with them.

Solution: Dog Bag

There are now some so-called dog toilets. In some cities, garbage cans are set up, especially for the legacies of our darlings, sometimes even equipped with small garbage bags. Admittedly, not every city has set up such systems and there will probably not always be a corresponding bag in the dispenser.

On ferries, for example, there are actually real toilets, i.e. a kind of large sandpit where the dog can relieve itself on the journey.

And now there are already garbage bags for our friends in small garbage bag dispensers that can be attached to the dog’s leash. They do not disturb, do not take up space, and are always at hand.

Where Do I Have to Get Rid of the Heap?

Plain decency should tell you to clean up your dog’s poop everywhere! As a dog owner, you even have a duty to clean up the legacies left by your four-legged friend. This is also in the regulation that was handed to you when you registered your sweetheart. In general, however, put yourself in the position of someone who, thanks to your disregard, soiled their shoes and, in the worst case, got into their car without even noticing the faux pas. I’ve had this unspeakable luck before and it took what felt like an eternity to neutralize this smell from the car again.

What Penalty Do I Face if I Don’t Comply?

It is a tangible administrative offense if you resist it. The respective municipality determines the sometimes extremely high penalties for this. It is therefore punished with a fine and the regulatory office itself keeps its eyes open for such unhygienic offenses, especially in public parks.

And Why Do I Actually Have to Remove the Legacy?

First of all, there are reasons for etiquette. Please behave the way you would like to be treated yourself. I can hardly imagine that you yourself would be thrilled when you step outside the front door in the morning and immediately receive such a “nice” surprise. Something like that is simply disgusting and simply not appropriate.

In addition, there are – of course – hygienic reasons! Children also play in the meadows and in sandpits. Dog poo definitely does NOT belong there, just think what it would be like if your own child had to play between dog poop.

So: Put it in the dog bag, a garbage bag dispenser with a bag on the leash won’t bother you during the walk and so you can immediately dispose of the legacies of your four-legged friend – because no matter how talented, intelligent and inquisitive your sweetheart is – he will not know the command “Clear your pile away!”! 🙂

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