Holiday and Chinchilla

The long-awaited vacation is approaching. Now the question arises: How do I take care of my animals during this time? Although chinchillas love variety, they don’t think much of a change of location.

For chinchillas, every change of location and every car trip means stress. Her cage or room is her home. There you will feel safe and comfortable. When you go on vacation, your pets should stay at home. If you only go away for the weekend, you can safely leave your little rodents at home alone. Make sure the chinchillas have enough pellets in the cage. You should remove fresh food so that it cannot go mouldy. Above all, fill up the hay rack and ideally put a second hay store in the cage. You should also change the water shortly before departure. On the evening before your departure, allow the animals who like to exercise a particularly long free run and check whether the cage is escape-proof and the temperature in the room is comfortable. Once your darlings have been taken care of, you can travel with peace of mind for a day or two. However, you should never leave your animals alone for longer! If an extended vacation is planned, you should take care of a chinchilla sitter.

Chinchilla sitter for those who stay at home

If you are going away for a few days or a week, it is best to leave your animals at home under supervision. For chinchillas, this is the most comfortable option. Maybe you have someone in your circle of friends and acquaintances who has experience with chinchillas and would like to take on this task. If not, you can ask veterinarians, animal shelters, pet stores, or internet forums for addresses of pet sitters. If you have found holiday care, inform them in detail about the care. Tell the pet sitter what the animal eats each day, at what times and how much it is fed, how much space it needs to be allowed to run around, and any other special features your animals have. Especially if your sitter has no experience with chinchillas, it is important that he knows the nocturnal lifestyle of the animals and has time for your darlings in the evening. It is best to write down the exact instructions on a piece of paper and leave it with the holiday carer. Also, write down the address and phone number of your vet and your number and address at the resort. A note on first aid should not be missing either. You should also buy enough food and bedding for when you are not at home. If the chinchilla sitter cannot come to your house and you have to give your animals to a foster home, there are a few things to consider. If other chinchillas are already living in the foster household, it must be clarified what happens if the animals do not get along and whether there is enough space to offer the animals separate exercise areas. If the foster home is accommodating chinchillas for the first time, it must be checked for possible sources of danger and made chinchilla safe.

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