Moving with Ferrets

Moving is not only stress and excitement for you, but for your ferrets as well. The lively whirlwinds are always up for an adventure, but such a move needs to be planned.

When you start preparing for the move lugging boxes and furniture around the apartment and packing them into the moving truck, make sure that your animals are not exposed to drafts between all the open doors. Otherwise, ferrets can catch a cold very easily. Before you prepare your animals for travel, their cage or enclosure should – if at all possible – already be set up at the new place of residence. After a long journey, the animals want to get out of the transport box as quickly as possible and finally be able to stretch and stretch again.

Once the ferrets have settled into their new homes, give them some rest. Provide them with water and food, make sure you survived the transport safely, and then leave them alone. The little rascals will explore their new cage with great interest and then take a nap. You can show your friends your new apartment the very next day. However, make sure that all dangers to the ferrets have been eliminated beforehand.

The long drive to the new home

Ferrets adapt to a new environment relatively quickly. Only the trip to the new home is really stressful for these animals. The ferrets travel best in a transport box, like the ones you use for going to the vet. Make sure your loved ones have a soft towel to snuggle in and plenty of water. If the journey takes longer, you should house your animals in a larger cage and also make sure they have enough food. If the ferrets are being transported in the moving truck, load them in last. Then you don’t have to sit in the narrow transport box any longer than absolutely necessary. Make sure the box is well padded and none of the items left in the cart can fall on the ferrets. The car must also be well ventilated and protect the animals from heat and draughts.

It is better than being transported in a moving van if your loved ones are allowed to travel in a car on an extra trip. There you can fix the transport box better, regulate the temperature if necessary and speak to your animals soothingly. Never put the transport box in the trunk. It’s so hot and stuffy there, your ferrets wouldn’t survive. Don’t park your car or the moving truck at your new home in the blazing sun and unload your little friends as soon as possible.

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