Ferrets and Other Pets

The decision has been made: ferrets should move into the house. However, dogs, cats, rodents, and birds already live in the household. Or is that not a problem at all? Ferrets are very social, but they don’t get along with everyone.

If you already have animal roommates, this must of course be included in the considerations before acquiring ferrets. To do this, you need to have a good understanding of the behaviors of your pets and ferrets. Rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, and all other rodents are “prey” for the predator ferret. They will never make friends with these animals. They will hunt them down if they get the chance. Therefore, place your rodents’ cages in a room that the ferrets cannot access. Even if the cage is not accessible and burglar-proof for the ferrets, you should not let the predators near it. Rabbits & Co. often smell the predator immediately, and the smell alone can put them in fear and terror. The situation is similar with birds. They too belong to the prey of the ferrets and would be hunted. Put these animals in a separate room as well. Some ferrets develop a keen interest in aquariums. Make sure your fish housing is covered and not accessible to ferrets.

Ferret and dog

Ferrets and dogs can become best friends under the right conditions. Although they are both predators, they still have very different behaviors and therefore need to approach with caution. Such a meeting works best when both animals are still very young. But even an older, well-behaved dog usually agrees with the new roommate quite quickly. At first, the ferret and dog are allowed to sniff each other through a protective grid. Make it clear to your dog that the nimble ferret is not prey. As soon as the two animals know each other, they are allowed to roam freely together. Of course only under your supervision. Misunderstandings can always arise between such different four-legged friends. For example, ferrets encourage their peers to play by gently pinching. Dogs can interpret this behavior as aggression. It is important that you have a lot of patience when you introduce the animals to each other. Each individual animal behaves differently, and some may take a long time to bond.

Ferret and cat

These two animals usually get along well together. But they also have to be carefully accustomed to one another. In the beginning, let the two animals only meet separated by a protective grid. Observe the reactions of the cat and ferret. Once the two have met, they can explore the apartment together. Always keep an eye on the animals. Soon the cat and ferret will be chasing through the apartment together. If the animals want peace from each other, they are usually in the best position to keep their playmates at bay. The cat will hiss at the cheeky ferret and flee onto a table while the ferret yells at the pushy cat and uses its anal glands.

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