Praise as a reward has many advantages: it is easier to get the right time to give confirmation, the dog does not put on flab and you always have enough of it with you.

Dogs are for sale

If you have been dreaming that your dog obeys you out of loyalty and love, then now is the time to wake up: dogs are for sale. Don’t take it personally, your dog loves you for sure. But he still wants to be “paid” for his work. You can choose the currency: treats, toys, and exuberant enthusiasm are very popular with four-legged friends.

Always reward with words

If he prefers small bites or his rubber chicken for motivation, then rejoice that you found something that works. Nevertheless, you should not forget to always – and right from the start – also use words of praise. It’s all about having an alternative at all times: for example if the dog has to go on a diet or you forgot the stupid rubber thing at home.

Praise as a “voucher” for a treat

Words of praise also have a big advantage: they are definitely faster than a treat! Since reward must come immediately after the right behavior, the word becomes a kind of “coupon” for the treat (which, by the way – should actually follow as soon as possible, at least initially).

The reward at a distance

The importance of verbal praise is particularly evident with commands where the owner is at a distance from the dog. Here the behavior can be immediately followed by a “Fine!” be rewarded, but not with food. Of course, you can give your dog treats from time to time if he has done something particularly well. But following the commands should not become dependent on the food given.

Motivation is key

Depending on the “interests” of the four-legged friend, you can also combine the praise with stroking or romping around. The decisive factor is that the dog can be motivated without you needing any other aids.

So praise as a reward is a wonderful thing. But please don’t just throw away all your dog’s treats and favorite toys! Our four-legged friends are smart little beasts that will do any trick, and it’s perfectly legitimate for you to do the same.

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