The Pumi originated in Hungary in the 17th and 18th centuries by crossing the Puli with imported German and French prick-eared terrier-type dogs. Find out everything about the behavior, character, activity and exercise needs, training, and care of the dog breed Pumi in the profile.

It has been considered an independent breed since the beginning of the 20th century.

General Appearance

It is a medium-sized, terrier-type herding dog. The physique is square, the erect ears tilt forward. The coat is of medium length, slightly wiry, wavy, or curly. Colors: grey, black, yellow, and white. According to the breed standard, the fur must always be one color.

Behavior and temperament

Shy people shouldn’t get a Pumi. This dog is restless, energetic, and cheeky: he is guaranteed to draw the attention of those around him – and enjoy it! There has probably never been a phlegmatic or shy Pumi. This breed is extremely agile, always ready for action, and usually very noisy. He is suspicious of strangers, he would do anything for his own family. An ideal companion for children.

Need for employment and physical activity

The Pumi is a bundle of energy that scurries around all day. He is always active and ready for action and constantly on the move. It is imperative that he is given sufficient physical activity – that is, several hours a day – otherwise not only will he end up a nervous wreck, but so will his owners.


The Pumi has terrier ancestors, and those are still very evident. Therefore, this breed needs a very consistent upbringing. He must also learn not only to accept his human as the leader of the pack but also to curb his hot-blooded temper on command. The mixture of energy and stubbornness is not for beginners.


The fur can easily be kept clean by brushing and combing, intensive grooming is not necessary.

Disease Susceptibility / Common Diseases

Pumi can show increased susceptibility to skin and coat diseases.

Did you know?

The Pumi is still used in its homeland to drive large cattle and herds of pigs.

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