Pumi: Busy Workaholic with a Sense of Humor

A real workhorse, the Hungarian Pumi is alert to the tip of its rounded tail. Ready for any fun within his human pack, he proves to be the perfect guard dog against strangers. He is a good family dog ​​when his restlessness is filled with active occupation.

The Pumi – an ancient breed with youthful momentum

The simple disposition of the Puli crossed with the agile dispositions of German and French terrier-like dogs – this successful combination produced the Pumi breed in Hungary in the 17th and 18th centuries. However, it was not until three hundred years later that the smart herding dog in sheep’s clothing was considered a separate breed. He supports the dairy farmers of his homeland as a brave herdsman and hunter of foxes and rabbits. And as a family dog, he conquers the hearts of active human packs.

The nature of the Pumi

Children love the Pumi because he seems to be ready to play at any time. Here he benefits from his nature and at the same time he experiences valuable employment. And so a close, natural friendship grows. The Pumi’s intelligence is legendary and wants to be utilized just as much as its joy of movement. His main occupation will be protecting his people; to this end, he loudly proclaims his displeasure to strangers. For all his busyness, however, he remains reasonable, considerate when dealing with children, and aware of his tasks.

Education and keeping of the Pumi

No major problems are to be expected in the upbringing. However, a certain consistency is required to clearly define the pack position. His natural urge to look for work needs to be regulated. His character makes the docile Pumi a pleasant companion – if you welcome constant activity in your own life. He enjoys every moment together, which is filled with games and special tasks. Even in the apartment, the Pumi gets along well if the day is actively planned. This can be long walks with games, intensive hours of play with the children, and stimulating dog sports such as obedience training or agility.

Grooming: Brush and trim, let Mother Nature do the rest

The curly coat requires combing with a wide-toothed comb every two to three weeks, as well as regular trimming. The breeder can advise you on how to do this yourself. The Pumi does not shed hair, which will please those with allergies. Incidentally, the nimble Hungarian has an apparently self-cleaning coat. The four-legged joker rolled in the dirt? If he finds a river or lake, he will do the cleaning himself. You will probably never need a bath with shampoo at home. The delicate curly hair and the soft undercoat give dirt no chance.

Peculiarities and Health: Avoid the color white

Rusty-typical diseases are none of the dreadful companions. Only the purely white representatives tend to hereditary diseases. A good breeding operation will therefore not offer puppies of this color or do not take into breeding.

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