The 10 Coziest Dog Breeds In The World

The laziest dog breeds in the world were identified using comprehensive data. You can find out how little these dog breeds move here.

Not every dog is a born sportsman. Some breeds are a little more leisurely: they move less during the day than their peers. The news site “Business Insider” had comprehensive data from the company Whistle evaluated to determine the laziest dog breeds.

The whistle is a manufacturer of dog trackers used in 150,000 homes across the United States. Whistle, along with Business Insider, named these ten dog breeds the friendliest in the world.

10th place: Shar Pei

According to the evaluated data, a Shar-Pei only moves about 54 minutes a day. This ancient dog breed from China is one of the laziest in the world. Shar-Peis are now often kept as family dogs, but they also make good reliable guard dogs. They are considered to be very strong-willed and need consistent training.

9th place: Shiba Inu

On average, Shiba Inus are active for less than 53 minutes a day. The smallest of the six recognized dog breeds from Japan, the Shiba is considered to be very affectionate and intelligent. The word “Shiba” means “small”, suitable for a maximum height of 40 centimeters at the withers.

8th place: West Highland White Terriers

Although the West Highland White Terrier was once used for hunting, it ranks as the eighth laziest dog breed, according to Whistle data. “Westies” move less than 51 minutes a day. The breed originated in Great Britain and is known to be docile, fearless, and alert.

7th place: English Cocker Spaniel

Also a former hunting dog, the English Cocker Spaniel surprisingly lands on the list of the jolliest dogs in the world. He moves about 50 minutes a day on average. Many people like the elegance and grace that the English Cocker Spaniel radiates, as well as its shiny, silky coat.

6th place: Puggle

This “breed” is so far more widespread in the USA than in Germany. The Puggle is a hybrid between a Beagle and a Pug. According to Whistle’s analysis, Puggles move for just 47 minutes a day, making them some of the coziest dogs in the world.

5th place: Basset Hound

This breed of dog was described by Shakespeare as “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” The basset hound also seems to be dreamy himself, because he only moves about 47 minutes a day. Not surprising: Due to its physique, it is not suitable as a sports companion dog. The basset, on the other hand, loves long, leisurely walks where they can sniff a lot.

4th place: Akita

The Akita is also said to be one of the coziest dogs in the world. This Japanese breed moves an average of only about 45 minutes in 24 hours. As early as 5,000 years ago, Akitas are said to have served as companions for the samurai. These calm and loyal dogs are also known to be stubborn and need patient and calm people by their side.

3rd place: Newfoundland

These magnificent dogs are also among the heaviest and largest dogs in the world. According to the data analyzed by the Whistle company, the Newfoundland dog is only active for about 44 minutes a day. The quiet giant loves the water and is therefore often used as a rescue dog.

2nd place: Bulldog

Whether French, American, or English – according to Whistle’s evaluation, all bulldogs are among the coziest dog breeds in the world. With their short legs and strong body, they are not long-distance runners. On average, a Bulldog moves just 44 minutes a day.

1st place: Chow Chow

The powerful Chow Chow is considered to be the coziest dog breed in the world. According to the evaluated data, he moves just 43 minutes a day. The dog breed originated in China and came to Europe in 1880. Chow Chows make good guards and companion dogs. However, their behavior is more reminiscent of a cat: You have to convince and conquer a Chow Chow because this dog is extremely stubborn.

The urge to move is individual

These data are only average values that can by no means be attributed to every dog of a breed. How much exercise your dog really needs also depends on individual factors.

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